Is Anybody Out There?

It has been over 3 years since I’ve blogged here, maybe no one is out there any more. I have (finally) started a new blog over at The Sanguine Bee. If you are interested you can follow me on:

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I’ve always been sad that I drifted way from this blog and the connections I made through it. A lot has changed since then, like Facebook, does anyone still read blogs anymore? Is anyone still reading this one?

I think I’ve come to a point in my life where I want to make a personal blog priority again, so I have a choice – resurrect this blog or start a whole new one.

Reasons to start a new one

  • I’m tired of the “rogue2408” user name & handle. Though I’m not entirely sure what would replace it. Possibly geekgirl24 though that’s tied to my Etsy shop & some librarians know that is me and it would make it easier for them to find the new blog.
  • a fresh start
  • new title
  • I’m not sure how much knitting there will be and this blog has become mostly about knitting.

Reasons to resurrect this one

  • I like it here
  • I could just redecorate (new theme & new title)
  • already have readers (theoretically, no idea if anyone is still out there)
  • When it started it wasn’t about knitting


I think its gonna get froggedAfter languishing in my wip pile during the heat of Georgia summer and fall I finally picked the Seed Stitch Card back up.  Everything is done except the button bands and collar.  But I think its gonna get frogged.

At first I thought the problem was the yarn I subbed, the pattern calls for Pear Tree 8 ply 107 yards = 50 grams, I used Frog Tree Merino Melange 101 yds = 50 grams.

But no I think I either should have made a size smaller or that I would like it better with a lighter weight yarn (its dense) or its just the pattern. Thoughts?

Its too bulky/loose under the arms

I think its gonna get frogged

Its tragic really because it is a beautiful sweater and those cables are lovely.

I think its gonna get frogged

the yarn is beautiufl

I think its gonna get frogged
and I managed to successfully modify it for long sleeves

I think its gonna get frogged

I think part of the problem might be how much I still love my central park non-hoodie, in fact if this gets frogged that’s what the yarn will be.

Hoodless Central Park Hoodie 05

who knew?


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