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IMG_5738Ta Da! Yesterday’s mystery project is revealed! I know I didn’t make you wait very long but I’m just so darn proud. While browsing Bente B’s blog on Thursday I saw this and wanted one of my very own. I came home, riffled my stash (I do have some Rowan Polar but it’s for the Laceleaf Pullover) and came up with the Knitpicks Swish Superwash in Grey. I was thinking black but I will probably wear it over black a lot and you know how it is when your blacks don’t match. I also had some green yarn I thought about but I wanted it to be more versatile. I doubled stranded the Superwash and went for it. I used 4 whole balls and I mean all of them, I was getting pretty worried about running out of yarn at the end, but there was enough, just barely. I love it! It’s a little snug, but in two months when its warm enough to wear it that it will fit perfectly. Don’t worry I didn’t’ crazily knit something too small, I’m been making some lifestyle changes since October and the weight is slowly but surely going down, so it will fit.

There is no button in the front the pattern suggests either sewing one on or using a pin, I have some cameo pins so that’s what I used I think it looks great with the grey. It’s also reversible but I prefer the stockinette side.

Question – do I block this and if so how? I’m having a hard time with blocking. Sorry as an orphan knitter there is no one to ask but other bloggers.

eh. It was kinda hard to get a picture of the front without looking like I was taking a pic of my chi-chis. Please ignore the chi-chis and the purple bra peaking through, I was too lazy to put on the right bra.


IMG_5728Stats: Used 4 balls of Knitpicks Swish Superwash in Coast Grey, knit on size 11 Knitpicks Options. The only alteration – I knit a bit more after the arm joins than the pattern called for. Pattern found here

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Knitpicks Swish Superwash in Coast Grey is the star of today’s show! I do really like the Swish Superwash. I’m usually not a fan of grey, I bought this orignally thinking it would be a gift for a friend, but last night I started knitting into something for me, more on that later! So I’ll see how it wears soon enough.

I’m not going to disclose what I’m making just yet. I don’t want to jinx myself and I’m worried I might be short of yarn. Eeek! But if all goes well I should have something to show you this weekend and then I promise I’ll finish some WIPs before I start something new. I know, I know you’ve heard that before, but this time I mean it! LOL 🙂

The shot at the right and the one below are my favorites. I’d say the true color is more like the last picture. IMG_5706

In action.


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