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IMG_2050I’m gonna do something here I don’t normally do. I”m gonna overwhelm you with FO’s! I really think each and every finished knit deserves it’s very own post. But I have several 2007 Finished Knits that I want to get out there so I can start 2008 off fresh and new.

First up, another Calorimetry, this one is a belated Christmas gift for a friend. Technically it’s not done becaues I haven’t selected a button for it and we all know that’s the most important part. I only cast on 100 stitches, knit on size 8 Bryspun Cirs, using the last of my Panache stash. Man I love this stuff! Why did KnitPicks do away with it? *sigh*

Next up – Baby Hat in the same Panache, it’s a matching set for Mom and Baby see? I think I cast on 64 stitches, worked in seed stitch for awhile then switched to stockinette and started the decreases when it seems appropriate.




Matching scarves for my niece in Carons’ Simply Soft. I was snowed in at my Parents and I had the yarn, so I cranked out a couple of sideways scarves to go with their blankets.

Here is Ashely rocking hers. Doesn’t she look all artsy with the scarf and the markers? She just needs a beret!

Last, but hardly least, the Simple Log Cabin Throw.  This thing really deserves its own post because I was seriously tired of knitting it waay before it was done!  All that garter stitch and stitches to pick up!  When it was done I crocheted a border around it to help bring everything together.  It looks really nice and I’m pleased with it, but I wont be making one again! LOL


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I have FO’s! Just some small simple ones, so they get combined into one post. First up! A baby hat in Berroco Comfort. Love this yarn! It will probably be a baby knits favorite. The color options are great, and despite being a bit splitty, it didn’t squeak will knitting so that’s a plus.

Next – Mom’s Hat. Simple 2×2 rib in Bernat Natural Blends Cashmere. I thought this would be a good washable yarn, after using it, I don’t think it was any softer than Caron’s Simply Soft and I think it squeaked more. I wont be using it again. That said, it did make a nice set for my Mom.



These dishcloths were for my Ravelry Missouri Fiber Fiends dishcloth swap. So far I’ve never found a better pattern for variegated dishcloths than Grandma’s Favorite. Simple, fast and shows off the colors the best.

When I was home over Thanksgiving my mom requested a knit hat for my Grandpa. Due to his cancer treatments he’s having hot flashes so a hat is a nice easy way to help. He doesn’t like wool, so I went with Bernat Denim Style, 70% acrylic, 30% cotton. I think it made a nice simple hat. Here’s my Dad modeling it. 🙂 This is the only picture I got of it.


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IMG_0625WiP it Wednesday! Whoot Whoot! Just trying to liven things up around here. The WiPs aren’t very exciting but I thought if I get you WiPed into a frenzy before we start you might not notice. 🙂

First up Mom’s hat. Not very exciting 2×2 ribbing in Bernat Natural Blends Cashmere, same as the mittens.

A baby hat in Bernat Comfort. Technically this isn’t Christmas knitting. But I snuck it in, it’s a small knit.



Soon to be a WiP, my dad asked for a neck wrap for Christmas. I’m not sure what you call it, sort of like a Mobius ring but without the twist? I’m thinking I’ll pick a simple but Manly pattern from a pattern book. Oh and I can’t wait to work with this! He’s one of the few people on the list that doesn’t think wool is itchy so this is Frog Tree Alpaca in fingering weight. Yum!

Another WiP to be, a simple striped hat for a friend.


Christmas WiPs not pictured : A scarf for my Grandma and The Simple Log Cabin Throw for my niece. Then I’ll be done with acrylic for awhile! wooohooo!

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