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IMG_5087Ugh, I am stuck in a funk. I don’t know if you can tell from reading the blog since I try hard not to post negative things (read- endless rants of bitching about stupid things). Maybe I do post negative things, I don’t know. Anyway my readers who know me in “real life” often call me on it when I’m phoning in the blog posts and maybe the rest of you know too and leave the blog swearing to permanently delete me from your bloglines account because I post nothing of substance and you’re fed up with my nattering. Either way, I’m in a funk. I have no real cause for complaint (sure I could use a smart, hunky new boyfriend and a million bucks, but eh, who couldn’t? at least the million bucks) Here is how yesterday played out. All day I was just sort of blah, my life is boring, all I ever do is go to work and go home, nothing exciting happens, whine whine whine, you get the idea. In reality here is what happened yesterday. I got up early (on time) went to my favorite coffee shop, Nathan showed up which was a great surprise, chatted with him, got to work and hung the posters I got for my office for $6.50 each, which brighten up the office considerably and make me happy cuz I really like them. Had a reasonably good day at work, ate only healthy food, drank all my water for the day, had time to knit, clean and read when I got home.

IMG_5086 (2)See what I mean about the funk? That is a good day! Why I am so blah? The Science of Happiness says that one side of our brain is primarily responsible for happiness and the other for unhappiness and 1/3 of people are dominated by the unhappy, 1/3 by happy and 1/3 are neutral. I think I’m stuck in the unhappy side. I feel slightly better today and I’ve decided part of it is to blame on the dreary dreary weather. Going from Sunny Arizona to Missouri, eh, well, let’s just say there’s cause for depression.

IMG_5089In happier news I’ve been knitting away on my Backyard Leaves Scarf. I’m really excited about it. It’s my first time reading a pattern and my first attempt at any type of lace knitting and better yet, it’s for me! 🙂 I’m using Knitpicks Superwash Swish and I’m pretty happy with it. Learning how to read the pattern was a bit challenging, I’m an orphan knitter, no yarn shop in town, no Sit n Knit, and I don’t know any other knitters in “real life”. But, I’m looking to change all that, I started a Sit n Knit group at my local library (where I work). Tuesday was the first night and I had 3 people show up. One person was a tatter (all fiber crafters are welcome) , one person only knits those furry scarves, she used to knit all sort of things, socks, sweater etc, but no longer has any interest in that and one person who is just learning. I had an email from 3 people who want to learn. I’m gonna attempt to teach them next time we meet. Hopefully no one gets stabbed with a needle and by no one I mean me! I haven’t taught anyone to knit before so suggestions would be welcome!

Close up of the pattern for the scarf.

IMG_5089 (2)

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