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IMG_6852Or rather a bastardized version of it. Because the whole point of knitting the bag was freedom. I’m happy with this knit, I was little leery of it before filling with with stuff. But stuffed it looks good, and it’s stretchy, really stretchy. I could have pulled it up over the top of the beach blanket. It’s stuffed with a full size beach blanket, large water bottle, swimsuit and a book and there is plenty of room for more.

Changes, uh, what didn’t I change. I used Sinfonia that I had in my stash from a clearance sale at Hobby Lobby. I didn’t have the size 13 needles it calls for because I haven’t order them for my KnitPicks Options set yet, so I used a size 11. I did cast on and knit the bottom as directed, but I picked up less stitches than called for because 90 seemed like a lot. I accidentally did one more lace repeat than it called for in the first section so I just went with it for the others. I quit when I thought it was big enough. I didn’t care about the ruffled edge so I didn’t add it. I tried to crochet the drawstrings but they didn’t pull smoothly and I don’t do Icord, so I bought some cording that works great!

Over all I’m happy with it and I’ll do the small version soon. I’m working on a series of bags, all of which will be stuff with fun stuff and given away as gifts.

Just so you can see how much I changed it my version on the left, the “official” version on the right.


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And something is, although I’m not sure you can tell from this angle. I didn’t realize it until I had blocked the Drop Stitch Lace Tank, something was wrong. I figured out what it was and took it to Sit n Knit this week to see if they could tell too. They could. One side of the front has 6 more rows, or one more pattern repeat. I’ve known about this for weeks which probably explains my lack of desire to knit. If I want to wear this, and I do, I have to find the ends, unseam the shoulder, rip back and add 6 rows to the other side. Right now I can’t even bring myself to look at it, I do want to wear it this summer so maybe next week I’ll bring myself do deal with it.

In the mean time I’m still working on Mentionable , but it’s not really photo worthy. I also start this bag with some Sinfonia I had in my stash, I’m also going to make the small size and I’ll be making a third bag from a pattern in my head.  I’ve had bags on the brain and was looking for one to knit (and one to sew more on that latter) so when I saw this free pattern in my Knitpicks flyer it felt like fate.   I’m planning to give two of them away as gifts. It’s comfort knitting, if I make a mistake on these it wont be the end of the world, plus I’m using stash yarn.

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