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IMG_5351The sleet, rain and ice continued off and on all weekend, leaving my yard covered in a coat of ice. (I was also without Cable TV & internet for a while, talk about roughing it! 🙂 ) This morning as I stood in the doorway watching da boys go about their morning business, I noticed Simon, the little one, was getting dangerously close to the steep hill part of the yard. Sure enough he strayed too close and down the steep slope he slide. He didn’t seem phased by his little adventure, and all was well, until he started trying to come back up the hill, between the ice and snow he was basically sliding in place. I’ll admit at first I laughed, until I realized I was going to have to go get him. He’s so little and he had to be freezing. So out I went in my slippers and robe, into the frozen yard, stomping with each step to break the ice. I couldn’t help but thinking what will happen if I get down the hill and can’t get back up? I only fell once and made it back to the house with the little guy just fine.

This weeks blogstalking assignment – show use your WIPs!
My creation

Upper right corner – my second sock, literally my second sock ever! I haven’t worked on it in a week, but I’m completely planning to finish it.

Upper right, the Backyard Leaves Scarf from Interweave knits. I haven’t worked on this in forever. I generally like to knit in front of the tv and I have to sit at the table to read the pattern while working on this.

Lower left – Lace Leaf Pullover from Loop-d-Loop: More than 40 Novel Designs for Knitters. I worked on this all weekend while being snowed it. I substituted a yarn and in general I’m having a lot of anxiety about getting the math and the finish results right. I’ve frogged the top section twice, but I think I’ve got it, I’m getting to rejoin after the sleeves.

Lower right – a scarf. Nothing exciting, I like to keep a small simple project in my purse and this is it for the moment.

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Holiday Meme

IMG_47421. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? no wrapping, and FYI, I’m 30 but when I go to my parents he still fills my stockin! Santa rocks!

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? white

4. Do you hang mistletoe? no

5. When do you put your decorations up? right after thanksgiving, if I wait I wont have time later plus maximum enjoyment of shiny holiday goodness

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? hmmmm, I like that green bean casserole or stuffing.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: pretty much all of them, I had cousins my age and the whole family got together it was great

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?I dont’ remember how old I was, but I know I told my sister and she’s two years younger than me

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? yes, my sister and I open a gift from each other. although I dont’ think we will this year.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? white lights, gold and red balls, beaded garland

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? pretty to look at in pictures

12. Can you ice skate? yes

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? I have lots!

14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? I like picking out gifts for other people, I try to put a lot of thought into it.

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? cranberry salad

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? no idea

17. What tops your tree? star

18. Which do you prefer giving or Receiving? giving definitely

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? silver bells

20. Candy Canes… Yuck or Yum? peppermint good, weird fruity flavors bad

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Viva la Weekend!

Me & NathanThis weeks blogstalking assignment was “your end of the working week tradition”. I really don’t have one, sometimes I got to the movies, or to Barnes & Noble or out to dinner with friends. I do always try to leave work early on Fridays. But I don’t have any pictures of me sneaking out of the building, ok more like brazenly walking out the front door, but whatever. I’ve always liked to get off early on Fridays and I’ve had a long run of jobs that make it easy. Since I often work weekends at my current job it’s easy to get Friday off or leave early. My job before this we worked M-Th 9 hour days and only every other Friday an 8 hour day.

Puv & Me St. Paddy's dayIt used to be that I went to Paddy’s Malones every Friday night. It’s our local Irish Pub, and the only one in town. Great food, great people, great beer. It’s definitely my favorite bar in town.

But these days I haven’t been going there so much, just fell out of the habit I guess. I also like to go to El Jimador, one of only 3 Mexican restaurants in town. The food isn’t great but the margaritas are good and during happy hour they are cheap!

Julie, Me, Nikki & Robin

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IMG_4349This week’s blogstalking assignment – trinkets and stuff from around the house that you wonder why you still have.  I’ll be honest I have a lot, I hate to throw away something that isn’t broken because you just never know.  I have a whole box of just such stuff that moved from AZ to my apartment here, then to my house without ever being opened and it’s still sitting there unopened.  Logic says if I haven’t needed it in two years I could just toss the whole box right?  yeah well. 

My first item – this beanie baby.  I’m not sure where it came from I think a boss gave it to me, but that could have been a different one.  I dont’ know why I still have it, I have never collected beanie babies and this is the only one I have and it has no emotional value for me. 

IMG_4360Next up – this vinyl record.  It’s actually a fairly new addition to my collection.  I just got a record player in the last year and my parents gave me their old records.  They also go to a lot of yard sales and swap meets where they will buy boxes of records for pennies in case there is something in there I want.  This was in just such a box, there were some actual cool records in there, of course none come to mind right now. 🙂  I have no idea why I haven’t thrown this away, it’s probably contaminating the rest of my record collection.


This thingy is for pressing into hot wax to seal envelopes.  I used it for my graduation party invitations when I graduated with my MLS, in 2002.  I’ve moved twice since then.  I know you’re thinking well it was probably in a box and I didn’t notice it, but when I was looking for stuff to photograph I found it in the first 5 minutes!  It has ’02 on the bottom of it.  Not my initials or anything useful.  Do I really think I’ll be using this again?  Doubtful.  I don’t think I’ll be around in 3002. 

IMG_4359Ok this thing I know why I have it, I like turtles, I don’t have as many as Turtlegirl, but I have some, mostly sea turtles, they are my favorite.  But I don’t know how the heck I ended up with a turtle bell!  If somebody dinged this at me I’d probably break their fingers!  Anyway it’s cute, serves no purpose and is a little odd and it’s freaking heavy. 

This piggy bank is a new addition to my house.  My parents were cleaning their home this year and found it.  It’s my very first piggy bank!  They brought it down and gave it to me.  This bank doesn’t even exist anymore.  It’s pretty small, so the dreams I had of untold millions being stashed in it when they told me about it over the phone were ruined as soon as I saw it.  I’m not a very sentimental person but I can’t bring myself to throw the ugly little piggy away.


IMG_4351Last but not least – my smoking monkey!  I know exactly why I have this baby and why I haven’t thrown it away.  But I love it and since I was taking pics of other stuff I snapped one of it.  Once upon a time I had  great job that I loved, it was challenging, thought provoking, I learned new things everyday.  Then something awful happened, my boss took another job!  Now don’t get me wrong, he was not perfect, we argued, he made me do things I argued against and firmly believed were wrong, but I could argue with him, intelligently and he’s listen to what I was saying and he’s explain his side.  This is how you learn and grow.  I got a new boss, lets just say my coworkers always expected he escaped from the lower levels of hell to spread pain and suffering. He was probably the lowest level of tormentor, as he was a small, petty man who delighted in making our lives as difficult as possible.  Allow me to give two basic examples of conversation with him. 

 Example One – Me:  the sky is blue, him:  I don’t know why you’re saying the sky is green, everyone knows it’s blue.  Me : I said its blue, see right here, here are the numbers that prove it.  Him:  Bobbi, the sky is blue, you have to stop saying it’s green or you’re going to get yourself into trouble.  Example Two – Me: The sky is blue, Him: The sky is green!  get it through your head.  Me:  I’m pretty sure it’s blue, everyone knows its, see here, here is the proof.  Him:  The sky is green, this is nonsense!  I’m the manager it is green. 

Not soon enough I took another job and fled this place.  My coworkers and I had developed a number of ways to try to protect our sanity.  Monkey jokes was one of them, trust me it was funny.  Part of it had to do with the fact that in a fit of frustration and in a rather unprofessional moment I told him he thought a monkey could do my job.  Anyway, I bought this smoking monkey from Archie McPhee, during that time.  Jenn, who survived this craziness with me, will be here to visit next week!  

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BobbiThey’ve all been played by me! 

Blogstalking assignment – Halloween pictures! Here are three I already had in my flickr account. 

Last year I borrowed a costume from Robin (thanks Robin!) to be a bar-wench. 

Several years ago my sister and I went as woodland fairies.   There was sooo much glitter, we put it in our hair, our skin, eyelids, it was in the house for months.  Looked like strippers lived there! 🙂

WhenI was in college a group of us got together and went as the Wizard of Oz people.  I was the bad witch, my sister was Dorthy, we had the good witch (my boyfriend at the time!)  Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the witch the house fell on, complete with socks! 

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What’s in YOUR cabinet?

IMG_3967see if you say it like the Capital One commercial it’s cool. 

I’m a couple of days late on my blogstalking assignment.    The inside of my medicine cabinet or cabinets in my case.  No medicine that’s for sure.  My sister is a pharmacist and there is no way I’d put medicine in there, she’s probably disown me! (The medicine cabinet is actually one of the worse places for your medicine because of the humidity, also bad, over the kitchen sink or stove).  Now for the good stuff

To the right – the downstairs bathroom, currently MY bathroom, soon to be guest.  Hmm, lets see, some travel size shampoo, conditioner and mouthwash, (mostly acquired from hotels),  Dissposable razors, couple of different face masks, and some extra toothbrushes.  I try to keep stuff that my guests might have forgotten. 

IMG_4013Upstairs bathroom, more of the same and some Off Skintastic.  Not very exciting. 

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Everything Falls Apart


IMG_3802I joined the blogstalking group, I know first yarn pr0n, now this.  I can’t help it! I’m a joiner, Ok only if it’s something cool and little effort is required from me.  My first assignment – pics from your pets perspective, in my case – Dog’s Eye View.  Which also happens to be the name of the band who had a song with the same title as day’s blog post.   uh hmm.   

IMG_3806Our first picture is a view of the Sofa from the Red Chair.  Simon will pretty much lay on the sofa all day.  But sometimes Oscar tires of laying on the sofa, so he lays in the red chair and watchs me knit.  The sofa is HUGE, we can all lay on it very easily, it’s pretty much the size of a twin bed.  Yep, that’s WIP you see there, but I’m not ready to tell you what it is.

IMG_3807A view from the Red Chair looking the other way.  Oscar often lays with his head hanging over the edge in a position that looks very uncomfortable to me.

I love that vase with the orange flowers, especially against the green wall.   And of course my pot ‘o knitting needles.

I had a lot of help taking these photos, the boys are pretty sure my every moment is dedicated to entertaining them.  


The Red Chair.  Oscar’s second favorite place to nap.  I’d say the boys have it pretty good, they don’t do much but lay around and nap all day.   When we go for walks one trip around the block and Simon is begging to be carried.  Yep he begs, stands on his back legs with his front ones in the air.  It’s adorable. 

Huge of puppy toys.

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