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I’ve always been sad that I drifted way from this blog and the connections I made through it. A lot has changed since then, like Facebook, does anyone still read blogs anymore? Is anyone still reading this one?

I think I’ve come to a point in my life where I want to make a personal blog priority again, so I have a choice – resurrect this blog or start a whole new one.

Reasons to start a new one

  • I’m tired of the “rogue2408” user name & handle. Though I’m not entirely sure what would replace it. Possibly geekgirl24 though that’s tied to my Etsy shop & some librarians know that is me and it would make it easier for them to find the new blog.
  • a fresh start
  • new title
  • I’m not sure how much knitting there will be and this blog has become mostly about knitting.

Reasons to resurrect this one

  • I like it here
  • I could just redecorate (new theme & new title)
  • already have readers (theoretically, no idea if anyone is still out there)
  • When it started it wasn’t about knitting


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The *right* way to open a banana

who knew?

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Ok I’m not sure how back and please don’t lick me to check on the flavor.  I’ve been playing with the idea of blogging again for a while.  I freaking miss it and I miss all my knitting and blogging peeps! When I surrendered to the overload in January I had my day job, was teaching a class at the university and was prepping to teach some workshops. There just was no spare time.  But all that’s over and I took a new job and I moved to Georgia! Georgia! I’ve been here about 2 months and its seems like a good time to reclaim my life.  I still don’t have a lot of time to knit so I’m not sure how much of that you’ll see.

So what have I been up to?  Let’s see.

The new apartment has super low window sills so Simon can keep watching for invading hordes really easily.
Simon keeps watch over his kingdom

Fretting about Oscar – we had to change his meds again and he goes in for a check up next week to see if the new dosage is working. Cross fingers and toes please.

Chilling at the pool – only in the early morning or late evening I’m far too pale for most of the day.

At the pool

Meeting local knitters
Knit in Public Day

I went to Chicago for a conference
The Bean

Checking out local attractions – Butterfly gardens! hurray endless photo possibilities

Speaking of photos – I got a new camera! I finally made the leap to an SLR. I’ve signed up for classes at the university but wont start till September. In the meantime I’ll probably be shooting mostly in auto mode.
2009_01 202

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What did you do this weekend?


It’s been beautiful here, althougth a little, warm I’m ready for all ok. I had to turn on the air today to knit. Let’s see what have I done?

  • worked
  • saw some horses
  • finished the back and started the front of the $1.50 Cardi
  • watched Season Two of Heroes – can I say just how glad I am that Nikki died, what a whiney bitch
  • considered taking pictures of the two FOs I have to show you, but then realized the battery on my camera was dead. 
  • Walked around downtown both days
  • spent a lot of time rubbing doggy bellies.
  • Tried out Plurk again, is anyone else using this and loving it?

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Picture 021

edited to add a pic of the nose per weezalanas request

Mostly adjusting to the changes in my life over the last 6 months

  • commuting – when I sold my house I moved to a nearby town, about 30 miles from where I work.
  • Reading or more accurately listening on my commute, thank God for books on CD
  • writing presentations & giving presentations, I’ve done 14 & taught a 4 day workshop in the last 6 months
  • attempting to date and failing
  • going to the gym
  • taking the boys to the park
  • getting my nose pierced, actually that didn’t take much time, but I’ve been wanting to do it forever
  • traveling – England, Italy, Colorado, St. Louis, Iowa and I have two more trips before the end of the year

But with the start of the Fall tv shows it means more time in front of the boob tube which means more knitting. Speaking of – what did ya’ll think of Heroes?

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10 positive things

Picture 993

Me and Chicabean in Rome

Saw this over on Lorenzo Knits a Tomato and I’ve been trying for perspective and balance and what not so I thought I’d play along – it’s easy just post 10 positive things.

  1. I love my job
  2. I got to go to Italy this year
  3. I get to go to Denver later this month
  4. I’m almost off work for the day!
  5. I have the best doggies in the world
  6. It was nice enough ttoday I could walk outside on my breaks
  7. I have good friends
  8. I’m making some great changes in my life
  9. I love living in my apartment I’m still so grateful I sold my  house
  10. Flickr – even when I’m too busy to read blogs or keep up I can see at a glance what y’all have been up to.

Play along if you want to.  We can never take too much time to appreciate all the good things in life!

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One step forward….

Looks like the consensus on the flowers that it’s a Scarlett Runner Bean, which is apparently poisonous if not prepared properly, yeah.

The 1.50 Cardi, it’s getting frogged once I can get strength to do it, mentally, not physically.  I can’t handle a design feature, it just ain’t gonna work.

Google and WordPress have teamed up to do something funky to my comments email, making very difficult to replay to them.  I’m doing my best, but if you don’t get a reply, please don’t take it personally!

This is for everyone who thinks Simon is precious.
Simon tore this hole in his gate

Don’t get me wrong, he’s adorable, I just think you should know what he’s capable of.  He’s expected to stay in the kitchen when I’m nto home,  he has toys and Oscar, and a pillow and his kennel and food and water.  But that is not good enough for him.  No.  See what he’s done to this metal baby gate?  I’m just saying, don’t turn your back on him.

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