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Chunky Monkey Scarf

Chunky Monkey Scarf

I think I might be the only person in the world not watching the Olympics. I know I know, but I’m not.

Ok I need my knitting mojo back please, have any of you seen it?  According to Ravelry I have 12 Wips

  1. Dollar and a Half Cardigan
  2. Lace Tank
  3. Gossamer Stars Scarf
  4. Hemlock Ring Blanket
  5. Melon Pattern Scarf
  6. Juno Regina
  7. Hemlock Ring Blanket
  8. Prarie Boots
  9. Chunk Monkey Scarf
  10. Off Shoulder Tank
  11. YOu don’t know our women hat
  12. Knotty Gloves

Yeah, I don’t want to work on any of those.   I’d work on the Chunky Monkey Scarf but I’m waiting for more yarn.  I think maybe if I could find a pattern with cables?  I don’t know.

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