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The life and times

IMG_4722It’s been a long, strange week. My day job is very hectic right now, my wine charms business is doing great, of course the holidays are coming, so I’ve been busy! You’ve seen some of what I’ve been up to, but here are somethings I didn’t mention in the flurry.

I switched from DSL to cable internet service, not really notable except I had to get into the space between the basement ceiling and the first floor. A space I’m fairly certain is swarming with spiders, and I am terrified of spiders. But given the crap load of money I’m saving I gathered my courage and went for it. There is such a jumble of wires in there, I think some of them are from the previous owner having satellite TV. The above picture is from the weird box thingy in the hall that has a door on it. I have no idea what it was originally for, now it has cables in it.


One morning this week a friend invited me to meet him for coffee. He was late. Very late. I used the time I waited to knit. That’s my coffee and the latte I ordered from when he was supposed to be there, it sat for a while. I hope it was cold, and yes, he is aware of that.

I also took at tip from Sheepish Annie and knit during meetings this week. I have gifts that need to be finished and I could easily knit while listening.


There was a LOT of crafting and baking going on this week. I tried out several new recipes from Martha Stewart’s holiday magazine. I think this was my favorite. It’s white chocolate with candy canes crushed in it. It was so good I immediately packaged up most of it to send off for gifts or I would have eaten the whole pan!

Last night I went to a Christmas party with a friend. I was a little worried about going because I’m not very comfortable in social situations with large groups of people. I’m not good at small talk and I don’t really like it. I was concerned about going to a gathering where I really only knew one person there. You never know if that one person will remember to introduce you, or you’ll stand there awkwardly or if they’ll disappear into the group leaving you to fend for yourself. None of these things happened and I had a good time, as you can see from the picture below. Of course this was taken before we decided that driving was not an option and it was only 2 miles or so to where we were going so who needs a cab! The weather was fine, but I was not wearing walking shoes. It was a long two miles.

IMG_4776 (2)

IMG_4785 (2)This morning was socializing and knitting at the local coffee shop. Nathan claims we made some sort of agreement about me not taking his picture until he gets his camera. I remember no such conversation and maintain that making declarations in an empty room, then asserting we’ve “agreed” on something because he didn’t hear an argument from me is not acceptable. He was not happy about having his picture snapped, but it still looks better than the one he took of me.

IMG_4782 (2)

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