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or My MP3 Player kicks your MP3 Players Ass.

You guys know how I’ve been lusting for an MP3 player forever right? Well with the new iPod Nano and Classic I started looking again. I started thinking I didn’t really need 80 gig of space so that got me considering the Nano which made me look at the new Creative Zen. I’d always thought Creative was better and the new Zen looked awesome. It comes in 4, 8, and 16 gig with a SD memory card slot for expansion. I love it! I got a cute little case for it that clips to my pants for workouts and clear screen protectors, those are must have.

creative zenPros:

  • Works with my Library’s downloadable Audiobooks, (which is something iPod doesn’t)
  • Can watch videos from Amazon’s Unbox
  • Controls are really intuitive compared to iPods.
  • The screen is clear and easy to see.
  • FM radio
  • Voice Recorder
  • Calendar that works with Outlook – which I don’t use SD memory card – I had a 256 one from my camera that I put all my work out songs on.
  • Works with any standard FM Transmitter and cables I bought a set for $9.99 so I can connect it to my stereo.


  • The SD memory card is accessed separately from the rest of the media, and you can’t play songs randomly. Not that big of deal
  • I really haven’t found any others

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Sack free is the way to be

es-3_lp_p.jpgI always feel so guilty about plastic bags, I mean you get so many of them, and they just go in the trash. Plus is seems like they only put 3 things in each sack. I have a bagillion canvas bags and I always think I’ll leave one in the car, but I don’t, or I do then I forget to take it inside. Plus they’re bulky and kinda heavy on their own. So when I saw the Envirosax, I thought it seemed like a great idea. I even went all out and got the pouch that contains 5. Ok seriously guys, these are awesome. Go order some right now. Go! I’ll wait.

rkb5.jpg Ok good, what series did you get? I got the retro kitchen ones. Ok first off these bags are super light, the 5 pack weights nothing, they seem to be made of some parachute like material. They fold up so small. You could put one in your pocket and walk around the farmer’s market then pull it out when you need it. you can throw the 5 pack pouch in your purse on the way into the grocery store. Light, Easy, Not bulky. Freaking awesome. Plus the handles are long enough they can go over your shoulder. Seriously, these rock.

PS. Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post, I’m finding it hard to talk about so I wont be responding to them individually but they are greatly appreciated 

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