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chichen_equinox.jpgHappy Friday the Thirteenth, last Friday the 13th I posted some info about it so I wont repeat that. Did ya’ll know they were voting on new Seven Wonders of the World? I had no idea until I heard about it on the radio this week. The cool thing is I’ve been to Chichen Itza twice, the last time at the spring equinox. It’s an amazing place to visit. I had no idea what the old 7 Wonders but the new ones seem cool.

Since it’s Friday I’ll flash a little Yarn Pr0n even though I’m not an official member anymore.

IMG_6494 (2)

It’s Cascade Pastaza in Color 070, Content: 50% Llama/50%Peruvian Wool


I’ve had it for months and once the weather cools down it’s destine to become the Cozy V Neck Pull over from Fitted Knits. I just love the color!


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