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swiffer coverI have two small FO that really are weeks old. I almost forgot about them, hard to believe since the first one appeared in this video. After seeing Turtle Girl blog about these a couple of weeks ago, I whipped up my own. The problem – I don’t actually have anywhere to use it, the apartment is carpeted other than the kitchen. I’ll be sending this off to my mom for review. Oh and yes that’s crochet, I do know a bit. 🙂

You Don't know Our Women Hat for him

Second, a You Don’t Know Our Women Hat for Him. Puv’s bday was in July and he lives in the cold Colorado mountains so I used doubled stranded Cascade 220 and my favorite hat pattern to whip this up for him.

I’m headed to Denver later this week and I need to decide what knitting to take on the plane. I’m “this close” to finishing Juno Regina so that may go but I’ll need something for the return trip. Off to look at my Raverly queue!

happy knitting!

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Inspired by Turtlegirl I tried my hand at swiffer covers last night. There were some unintended consequences.

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