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You know those parts of your day that you use everyday that sometimes go unacknowledged or unappreciated? I thought I’d share 3 of mine today.

Coffee CupFirst up my coffee mug, I got it at Kartchner Caverns years ago. I love the quote on it and I used it to try to give my days some perspective.

“In one place, near at hand, a stalagmite had been slowly growing up from the ground for ages, builded by the water – drip from a stalactite overhead… That drop was falling when the Pyramids were new; when Troy fell; when the foundations of Rome were laid; when Christ was crucified; when the Conquerer created the British empire; when Columbus sailed; when the massacre at Lexington was “news”. It is falling now; it will still be falling when all these things shall have sunk down the afternoon history, and the twilight of tradition and been swallowed up in the think night of oblivion” – Mark Twain The Adventure of Tom Sawyer.


Last, but not least, my new cell phone, my Centro. I’ve been carrying around a Palm and a cell phone for ages, now I have both in one. For what I used my phone and planner for this is perfect for me. I can text like a champ, take pictures, send them, check my email, facebook and flick accounts from it. Schedule meetings on the fly. It’s small cute and smart and since I pretty much carry it everywhere this is no more of that – “let me go back to my desk and check my calendar” nonsense. My friend Robin got one right before I did and I know she’s listening to downloadable audio books on it and puts stuff on the sd micro card and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting. The point is we both love it and are working the heck out of it, but in different ways. Oh and now it come in pink! 🙂

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or My MP3 Player kicks your MP3 Players Ass.

You guys know how I’ve been lusting for an MP3 player forever right? Well with the new iPod Nano and Classic I started looking again. I started thinking I didn’t really need 80 gig of space so that got me considering the Nano which made me look at the new Creative Zen. I’d always thought Creative was better and the new Zen looked awesome. It comes in 4, 8, and 16 gig with a SD memory card slot for expansion. I love it! I got a cute little case for it that clips to my pants for workouts and clear screen protectors, those are must have.

creative zenPros:

  • Works with my Library’s downloadable Audiobooks, (which is something iPod doesn’t)
  • Can watch videos from Amazon’s Unbox
  • Controls are really intuitive compared to iPods.
  • The screen is clear and easy to see.
  • FM radio
  • Voice Recorder
  • Calendar that works with Outlook – which I don’t use SD memory card – I had a 256 one from my camera that I put all my work out songs on.
  • Works with any standard FM Transmitter and cables I bought a set for $9.99 so I can connect it to my stereo.


  • The SD memory card is accessed separately from the rest of the media, and you can’t play songs randomly. Not that big of deal
  • I really haven’t found any others

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I couldn’t. Could I?

ipodvision mAs a self reward for having to work an second job I’ve decided to put a little extra money away each week specifically for an mp3 player. Ever since I decided this I can’t stop looking at them! Here’s the problem, I’ve been lusting for one for forever and I have read lots and I know the Vision M is probably a better choice than the iPod for a lot of reasons including price, Apple file types are not compatible with a lot of other things. BUT iPod has so many more accessories! I feel like such a sellout for considering it, but the accessories! What’s a girl to do!

On and since we haven’t talked about my boobs like a week 🙂 – I saw this on Katydid Knits and just had to know!

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Scharlett Johansson

Who’s Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

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Last week I made an unexpected trip to Best Buy, and they finally had the mp3 players out where people could actually try them out! (Last time they told me they got stolen too often to have them out). So I was finally able to get my hands on the Creative Zen products and iPods to compare. The mircophoto was small! Much smaller than I thought! Not as thin as the ipod nano, but shorter, and I would definitely be less worried about breaking it. Plus it hold 8 gigs and look at all the colors!

Creative Zen Microphoto

The Vision M was very compariable to the ipod, slightly thicker, but I don’t know how much I care about that. The picture and video quality was great! I found the menus and navigation very easy, much more inuitive than the ipod.


Originally I thought I would get the Microphoto, but for only a $100 more the Vision M has 30 gig and plays videos, plus a larger screen for viewing photos if that’s what I want to do with it. I think I want the black one, it looked very cool, now to start saving pennies!

creative zen vision m

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