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Now taking requests

For a limited time only! I will guest star in your dreams! Make your request now! That’s right apparently I am now showing up in the dreams of my readers. Don’t worry I behaved appropriately and didn’t do any psychological damage, at least nothing long term. Nate was there too, but I can’t speak for him, I think if he shows up in anyone’s dream, psychological damage is pretty much guaranteed! 🙂 We were just hanging out in Barnes and Noble which is something we do in real life, how funny is that?

Yesterday while doing yard work I found Morel mushrooms in my yard!  How crazy is that? I probably found about 20 altogether.


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IMG_6237…while not blogging

  • Flip through these books you found at for 50 cents at the book sale
  • See some cute things
  • Flip through them again an see nothing.
  • Feel like you wasted 50 cents
  • Flip through them again I decide they are not so bad
  • Find the almost black nail polish you’ve been wanting for 6 months.
  • Love it.
  • Love it even more when it still looks this good, 5 days and one 8 hour waitressing shift later.
  • IMG_6242
  • Realize no matter how many pictures you take of hands they will not look like model’s hands.
  • Curse the hand fashion models and your man-hands
  • Start new job at winery
  • On second night because winery is short staff and weather is beautiful and other staff who are supposedly on call are not answering their phone, start serving your own tables when you have never waitressed before.
  • Make a crap load in tips and not care how tired you are and how much your feet hurt
  • Mow this big ass yard and curse the day you bought this house
  • IMG_6247
  • IMG_6248
  • Whip up a tasty, healthy meal with no recipe with what you have in the cupboards
  • Think you are a bad ass cook
  • Call friend on phone to mock the fact that he can only cook pizza and spaghetti.
  • Have him agree that you are, indeed, a fantastic cook
  • Briefly feel bad about the mocking
  • Wind this yarn into a ball.
  • IMG_6251
  • Think you now have no excuse for not finishing Wicked
  • IMG_6259
  • On a whim decide you want bangs
  • Grab the scissors and cut hair
  • Curse your impulsiveness and the day you were born
  • Call up world’s greatest stylist and beg for an appointment for a haircut that does at least looks slightly better with the Bangs From Hell
  • Notice large freckle in picture, think about calling dermatologist
  • Listen to neighbor try to get cat out of tree
  • Think this is the dumbest thing people do
  • Try to laugh quietly so neighbor doesn’t hear you
  • Watch this movie
  • Wait for this show to come on
  • Think you can’t wait for this shows Spring Break to be over
  • Be disappointed in this shows series finale
  • Knit so little it’s not even worth mentioning
  • Read a bodice rip romance trashy sex novel but don’t read anything you’d actually blog about.
  • IMG_0246Hang out with these guys cuz they love you now matter how ridiculous your bangs look
  • Wonder if they had the ability – would they point and laugh?

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Spring is here!

picture of irises

My denial of Winter had finally succeeded and Spring has arrived. No more freezing my feet off wearing flip flops in the snow!

Right now I’m ignoring the fact that all of this means I will have to mow my yard and that my mower is broken. I’m sure I’ll cursing about it next week, but for now I’m so happy to see green and not to be cold!

Proof! At right my iris bed, can’t wait till they bloom! I separated and moved them last fall, so I’m glad to see they are happily coming up in their new home. I also have about 5 different varieties and forgot to mark them when I was moving them so they’ll be a nice potpourri when they come up, 🙂

The Grape Hyacinths have come up.


Shrubs are blooming.


Spring is here!

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Some Mason Dixon ballband washcloths with some fresh tomatoes, zucchini & cucumbers straight from my garden!

MDK Ballbands with tomatoes, zuchini, cucumber from my garden

Two more MDK washclothes given to Kevin for housewarming (or moving I guess) presents.
Two MDK ballband washclothes for Kevin

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That’s right, it’s Saturday night and I’m not going anywhere! I’ve earned it. Thursday night was Nikki’s bday then drinks with Nathan (see yesterday’s post). Yesterday Puv was back from Colorado (I hear he got some great pics, but he doesn’t blog and forgot his flickr password so we’ll have to wait) so we headed to Paddy’s for our Friday tradition (which is nothing more than drinking Killians there on Friday afternoons). Today I worked in the yard. Ugh, I hurt all over.


IMG_2054 (2)

IMG_2055 (2)

IMG_2050 (2)

IMG_2060 (2)

The after pictures still have a bit to be done, but you can see all the work I did and I mowed!

So the pizza rolls are in the oven (yes pizza rolls, don’t judge me!) a glass of wine and my knitting are waiting, and I’m sure I can find a movie or something to watch. Oh and to the slightly older gentleman in the check out line who said “you deserve it, kid, drink the whole think” when I mentioned I was buying the wine cuz I worked in the yard all day – amen brother and thanks for calling me “kid” with 30 looming large it’s nice to hear.

Wine & Knitting

Yep thats still the Mason Dixon hand towel!

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Green Things

I was a little worried about the garden this year, it got in really late and then I went off to Denver for vacation and wondered if it would rain while I was gone or everything would die of thirst.  Well all my worried were complete pointless, when I go back from Denver I discovered that my garden has grown like crazy while I was gone!  I forgot how freaking big zucchini plants get!  My tomato plants are huge with tomatos.  The pepper plans are lagging behind, no peppers yet. I can’t wait to have fresh tomatos, cucumbers, peppers and zucchini I’m planning to make fried zucchini blossoms this week.  yum!

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In my backyard

I found all sorts of cool things in my backyard while I mowed last night! 

Three Toed Turtle Picture

Definitely the coolest was a baby tortoise!  I used the Missouri Conservation Department websiteto identify it as a Three-Toed turtle!  It was very cute but I let it go on it’s way (Sorry Robin and Alex but I heard it was not ok to keep them and I’m too pretty for jail!)

Three Toed Tortoise

See how small it was?  I’m lucky I saw it moving out of the corner of my eye and didn’t step on it or run it over with the mower. 

Three Toed Turtle & Oscar

Oscar wasn’t totally sure what to make of our new friend.  I couldn’t tell if he was curious, just liked that it was smaller than him or wanted to eat it.


Blackberries – They’ll be ready soon, I think I’m gonna make ice cream to go with them.  Yum!

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy! Watch out!



Rose of Sharon

Day Lilies

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