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Wow really I’m so far behind in my blog reading, apologies to everyone, I hope to catch up soon. I have some time so I thought I’d pop in and let give you guys an update. I’m a bit of a mad women right now so I hope it all makes sense! If you’re just hear for the knittin’ its at the end 😉

The house – the inspection was Friday they are asking for one thing to be fixed, depending on the cost I may or may not do it. I have one more apartment to check out Monday evening. Then that decision will be made.

Wine Charms – if you’ve bought charms I’ll be sending them this week. If you haven’t pop over to the link on the right. It’s a smoking deal on some fabulous charms in amazing themes and it’s for a good cause!

Books – I have had these reviews written for over a week and I don’t see any point in saving them any longer.

The Myth of You and Me – loved it! I didn’t major in literature so I can’t get all fancy with why I liked it. But I enjoyed the story, the twists, the surprises, the idea the even when you know, or think you know everything about someone, they can still surprise you, there are things you might not know. I’d say it’s a story of hope, redemption and regret.

The Book of Air and Shadows – Liked it. I listened to this while I was knitting. It’s the type of book I enjoy listening to while knitting, action, adventure, intrigue, mystery. If you liked the Da Vinci Code you’ll like this one.

The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox – Love it. I finished it in only a couple of days. I was waiting for this one to come out, I must have read a review somewhere before it was published because I was almost tempted to buy it. I don’t normally buy fiction novels, that’s why I have a library card, but I came close. It would have been worth it.

I haven’t found as much time to read as I’d like to lately. There is so much going on, plus I’m planning a trip to Italy so I’ve been reading a LOT of travel books.

goodreads.gifIf you like keeping track of the books you own, books you’ve read, etc and you haven’t checked out Goodreads, you should! I know there are other sites out there for organizing your books and I’ve used some of them in the past. But I’m hooked on Goodreads now. They’ll let you import your books from other sites like LibraryThing and you can add unlimited books for free!

Clapotis Two 02Knitting – Right now I have two goals – 1. Finish the Central Park Non Hoodie before I leave for Europe because if it looks as fab as I hope I’ll take it with me. 2. Finish my sisters Clapotis before I leave for Europe because it will be too warm to wear when we get back. You may notice it looks different than the last time you saw it. I switched yarns, I wasn’t happy with the other. So yes, I’m knitting two items in Grey right now. 🙂

Gifts!Emily sent me a package this week! It was a wonderful surprise in the middle of all the madness. Her kindness is unbelievable and so appreciate right now. It’s a ball of Panache, my favorite discontinued KnitPicks yarn and a mini sock key chain (I think this is all part of her evil plan to get me to knit socks! LOL) Isn’t she wonderful? Really, Emily, this made my week!


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