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Gretel 03You know how sometimes you just want a fast knit, but still something with a little flair? Something with sass? Met Gretel. I’ve had this pattern forever (which is good because I think 5 corrections have been emailed out while I put off knitting it). I love this hat. Admittedly the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk is probably a little heavy for the pattern, but I like the results. It’s incredibly soft and warm, but not tight enough to mess up my hair.

I played with the pattern and the decreases a bit to get the fit I wanted. I couldn’t be happier with it. This is going in my suitcase for Europe! Although this yarn is a bit heavy for a the hat I love it. I originally ordered it for a Clapotis but it didn’t fit so I have plenty left, I think I’ll make a “You don’t know our women hat” out of it some time this year.

  • Pattern: Gretel
  • Cast on: March 20th
  • Weaving in: March 24th
  • Needles: Bryspun size 5 & 7 circs, bamboo dpn 7s
  • Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk
  • Modifications – I played a bit with the size and decreases.

Gretel 02

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CrocusesI’ve got to confess to you guys about something. I don’t spend a lot of time reading the Rav Forums, or the Knittyboard. When I do have some time I like to read blogs. I used to feel guilty about this,that I wasn’t spending enough time being part of the community, but I do read a lot of blogs and that’s part of the community too right? Well after reading some recent posts about the judginess going on in those place I am completely absolved of my guilt. That’s right, if that’s what’s doing down in those forums I’m glad I don’t hang out there.
I love Ravelry because it lets me organize my knitting, my projects, my stash, my queue, and that it allows me to oh so easily see what others have made with that yarn or how that sweater looks and 50 different bodies rather than the carefully posed model so I can see how it looks on me. See the theme here? I use Ravely for ME. It is about me. There is nothing wrong with that.

So if there are some people who think that my stash is about bragging rather than the damn fine organizational options of Rav, or that Yarn Pr0n Fridays is showing off instead of appreciation of some serious fiber goodness, or that my schedule of Wordless Wednesday and YPF are bad, well, frankly those people can piss off. I’ve seem some of the nicest bloggers I know fretting about this, and I seriously annoys me that these, super nice, friendly generous people are letting trolls get to them this way.

So I’m making a statement here on my blog to those people (not to you, dear readers, I know you guys are awesome!), cuz I guess I’m just not as nice as the bloggers that are worrying about it. I love YPF! Viva la Pr0n. If you can’t appreciate the yarn and instead get all bitter that I have it, go away. I don’t want you here anyway. If you think my Rav stash or anyone else’s is showing off, instead of using the fabulous tools that Rav provides, don’t be my friend. I don’t what your judgy, angry vibes anywhere my knitting anyway. I blog on a schedule cuz it works for me, do it your way on your blog, and I’ll do it mine on mine. Seriously. I don’t want pissy, bitter judgmental people reading my blog anyway. If I met them in person I probably wouldn’t like them and I don’t want people I don’t like reading my blog and being my blog friends. So there.  I just can’t understand why people would complain about all of this so much in a public place.  Just don’t read the blog and seriously don’t they have better things to do with their time, like knitting?

To my beloved readers, I know you’re not “those” people so here’s something nice for you! I cast on for two more projects. And yes, I am bragging, lace is hard, hell, so is knitting, we should all brag about it! 😉

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