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I saw Obama speak!

Politics isn’t something I discuss on this blog, but I’m so excited about this I have to share!  I was able to see Barack Obama speak last night.


It was a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I was able to be there

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Big thanks to Chelsea & Becky for letting get in line with them!

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Libby Lou

My sister’s beloved beagle, Libby Lou, passed away yesterday. They found out last year that she had cancer and despite all the treatments, this week things got a lot worse. Chicabean had to make the decision to put her to sleep, she said it was the hardest thing she’s ever done.

We’ll miss you, Libby Lou.


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Happy Anniversary

IMG_4379This weekend I went to my parents to celebrate my Grandparents 55th wedding anniversary.  We had a huge party for the 50th, with a sit down dinner and lots of people.  This one was smaller, just the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids.  We’re all pretty spread out so we don’t often all get back at the same time.  It was a nice weekend.  We had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a nice lunch with cake, then that night sat around a fire in my parents back yard until it started to rain.  It’s hard to believe my grandparents have been married for 55 years, congratulations t them!

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IMG_9409I cast on for Tree Jacket last week. I picked up some yarn for it at Simply fibers last week while attending a conference. Thanks to a staff day on Monday with speakers, I was able to get a lot done despite having worked all weekend. I’m using Berroco Peruvia, it’s going to be so warm and snuggly when it’s done! Oh and in case you can’t tell it’s green 🙂

When I was home a couple of weekends ago my mom took me shopping and got me a new outfit, including these shoes, which she hates by the way 🙂 You can see the bottom of the skirt in the picture.


These I got for myself this week and Robin – I blame you for these! I was looking for the black ones, something with a low heel and pointy toes for my pants but the red ones were singing my name.



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October is National Breast Cancer awareness month. If you’re 39 and under and haven’t given yourself a breast exam lately, go here to learn how. If you’re 40 and over and haven’t scheduled a mammogram this year, call your doctor now and make that appointment. Encourage the women in your life to do the same!

Some facts

  • Every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • This year more than 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are expected in the United States.
  • One woman in eight who lives to age 85 will develop breast cancer during her lifetime.
  • Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women between the ages of 40 and 55.
  • 70 percent of all breast cancers are found through breast self-exams. Not all lumps are detectable by touch. The National Breast Cancer Foundation recommends regular mammograms and monthly breast self-exams.
  • 8 out of 10 breast lumps are not cancerous. If you find a lump, don’t panic-call your doctor for an appointment, but do call.
  • Mammography is a low-dose X-ray examination that can detect breast cancer up to 2 years before it is large enough to be felt.
  • When breast cancer is found early, the five-year survival rate is 96%.
  • Over 2 million breast cancer survivors are alive in America today.

If you’d like more information, click on one of the links above or below

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How We Operate

IMG_8621Thank you to everyone who called, texted and emailed when I went AWOL. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I left for my parents rather suddenly last week. My grandpa has cancer, initially the doctor thought they caught it early, but they didn’t. I’ve known for a while now but things are sinking in. The thing is, you never react how you think you will or even how you want to. I guess there is no right or wrong way.

I know I have a lot of calls and emails to return, and blogs to read. It’s going to take me awhile.

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IMG_6758Sometimes you just gotta cut loose and that’s what I did Friday night. First Friday of the month is happy hour and Nikki offered to pick me up and drive me so I could indulge as much as I liked without worrying about how I would get home. A night out with friends was just want I needed (my liver probably wasn’t too happy) Although I spent most of Saturday paying for it (now I remember why I don’t do this very often) I had a great time and here’s the proof.

Puv was nice enough to tolerate the drunks texting him even though he was 2 states away. Here is my reaction when he first suggested shots to us, someone just happened to be taking my pic at that moment but I love that this is caught on film.


And of course me doing the shot about an hour or so later! 🙂


Robin why are there no pics of you and me together?


Nikki too this pic of us together, but I’m not sure why she’s squeezing my head! LOL


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