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Ok, I have to confess something, I’m not even though my first week of Project365 and I’m find it HARD! Ugh. I take plenty of pictures, it’s just that most of them are of my knitting or my dogs. I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I walk or to the grocery store. Plus the other thing I’m doing, and I’m not sure you’re supposed to but heck, I guess I can make my own rules, is pick a photo that isn’t necessarily the best one I took that day, but the one that be represents that day. Do you have any idea how hard that was at 9 pm last night when I realized I had not take ONE picture! ahhhhh!

IMG_5316The first finished knits of 2007! My second Mason Dixon hand towel. I used cotton for this time, I used the linen the book calls for on the first one and while I like the yarn, I didnt’ really like it as a towel. I’m saving the rest of it for something else so suggestions are welcome. I think I started this in August, and just picked it up after Christmas to finish it. I’m much happier with it and I will actually use it. It ended up 15 x 20 inches. I would have liked to do one more repeat of the pattern but was running low and yarn and didn’t want to risk it.


IMG_5311I know technically socks aren’t finished until they are both done. But since this was my very first sock I’m showing it! Ta Da! There are some mistakes but I learned a lot and I’m definitely glad I used Lion Brand for the first pair, they’ll be great around the house socks.

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MDK Ballband with KilliansThere was knitting and beer last night and I was happy! I worked on my MDK ballband, the washcloth KALstarted yesterday and this is the first one I started. I’m also working on a cable one but it takes a bit more concentration, not so good for beer and conversation. But good for my conquering cables. We had a pretty large group of people for a while, but later when things quieted down I helped Tab with her knitting. She’s just learning and I’ve never taught anyone, so I’m proud to report that no one was stabbed with a knitting needle!

Me teaching Tab to knit

I’m so stressed out lately that I’m forgetting things left and right, so I forgot my camera when I left!! Thankfully Robin saw it and grabbed it for me. Robin you – rock!

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IMG_2448 (2)I finally finished my Mason Dixon Hand Towel! I’m very happy with the results. I used the Euroflax Linen called for in the pattern and used one size smaller needles that it calls for. I had to work pretty hard to keep my stitches tight when switching back and forth from knit to purl and as I was making it I was concerned they weren’t tight enough. But now that it’s done I don’t think it’s a problem. It drapes so nicely. I did try to block it, I say try because I am a novice knitter and I don’t think I did it right because it doesn’t have the perfect rectangle shape I was going for.

I ordered new needles for the hemp yarn, I only had metal size threes and the yarn is too slippery for that. I really like the Bryspuns I have so I ordered those.

MDK Moss Grid Towel

IMG_2451 (2)

I also cast on for my new project – a hat. It will be a christams gift. So far it’s been easy going! It’s from Fashionable Projects for the New Knitter by Alison Barlow. I got the book from the library and there are a LOT of hat patterns, not sure if I will buy it but I definitely want to make several of the hats for myself and as gifts.

IMG_2436 (2)

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I’m still working on my Mason Dixon Hand towel, I’m not finding it as monotonous as some of the knitters on the KAL are. I’m really enjoying it. In fact it’s techinically done, according to the book, but I have more yarn left and I’d like it too be longer, so I’m planning to knit until I run out of yarn.

IMG_2368 (2)

After this I’ll be making the same towel in PnC or SnC cotton and hemp just to compare how they come out.

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Some Mason Dixon ballband washcloths with some fresh tomatoes, zucchini & cucumbers straight from my garden!

MDK Ballbands with tomatoes, zuchini, cucumber from my garden

Two more MDK washclothes given to Kevin for housewarming (or moving I guess) presents.
Two MDK ballband washclothes for Kevin

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Where I knit. That’s my favorite chair, it was a gift from a friend while I was in grad school. It’s very well built and I love the upolstery and color. It needs to be refinished. So what’s in this picture? From left to right: Pot of straight knitting needles, basket of yarn for current 3-4 projects, boombox for books on tape or cd, on the side table, odds & ends like stitch markers, scissors, crochet hooks and knitting book and in th chair my current project. (I added the notes to the picture on flickr, very handy little tool). I also have a basket under the coffee table with more knitting accessories in it. I desperately need some sort of case for my circulars and double points.

IMG_2121 (2)

Basket of yarn for my other current projects. Let’s see there is some novelty yarn that I couldn’t pass up as a new scarf for me, because it’s not like I don’t have enough scarves, Canapone hemp for Mason Dixon hand towels, PnC & SnC for Ballband dishclothes and maybe a set of log cabin placemats.
IMG_2113 (2)

My current project resting in my knitting chair.
IMG_2118 (2)

Yes I’m still working on the hand towel and I’m still really happy with it. It was flying along until my nicely wound ball turned in to the biggest rats nest of yarn I’ve ever seen. I spent most of last night trying to detangle. Grrrrr.

Work Continues on the MD hand towel

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That’s right, it’s Saturday night and I’m not going anywhere! I’ve earned it. Thursday night was Nikki’s bday then drinks with Nathan (see yesterday’s post). Yesterday Puv was back from Colorado (I hear he got some great pics, but he doesn’t blog and forgot his flickr password so we’ll have to wait) so we headed to Paddy’s for our Friday tradition (which is nothing more than drinking Killians there on Friday afternoons). Today I worked in the yard. Ugh, I hurt all over.


IMG_2054 (2)

IMG_2055 (2)

IMG_2050 (2)

IMG_2060 (2)

The after pictures still have a bit to be done, but you can see all the work I did and I mowed!

So the pizza rolls are in the oven (yes pizza rolls, don’t judge me!) a glass of wine and my knitting are waiting, and I’m sure I can find a movie or something to watch. Oh and to the slightly older gentleman in the check out line who said “you deserve it, kid, drink the whole think” when I mentioned I was buying the wine cuz I worked in the yard all day – amen brother and thanks for calling me “kid” with 30 looming large it’s nice to hear.

Wine & Knitting

Yep thats still the Mason Dixon hand towel!

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