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Guys I have lost my knitting and blogging mojo. I don’t know what it is but since I’ve been back from Italy I have almost no desire to knit, blog, read knitting blogs, whatever. I feel bad about this. I’ve rounded up my WiPs to blog about them in an effort to get my mojo back.

But first! The contest! Contestant names were printed on strips of paper and put in a bowl. The knitting winners was Shannon & the non knitting winner was Jenster. Send me an email with your Snail mail addy and I’ll send off prizes soon. I think I’m gonna go to an out of town yarn shop to get prizes. Jenster – you too, for some reason Idon’t have your address.

Juno ReginaOn to the knitting! Ok seriously remember my yarn diet? uh yeah, I’m ashamed to say I’m not doing well. Granted I’ve curbed the impulse more often than not but there has been some yarn buying! I can’t help it! I seriously need someone to follow me around and kick me in the shins when I want to buy yarn.

On to the WiPs!

Juno Regina went to Italy with me and I knit on it quite a bit, but my focus was on Tuscany so I didn’t finish it. I’m getting close to the end though. Just need to actually work on it! 🙂 It’s beautiful and I know I’ll wear it a lot once it’s complete. The Lorna’s Laces is yummy! I can’t help but remember it arrived while I was staying in a hotel due to The Ice Storm From Hell and how happy it made me!

This is some secret knitting, it’s a gift.

Upside Down Daisy Hat

Melon Pattern Shawl

The Melon Pattern Scarf from Victorian Lace today. Remember it? From waaaaay back when. I love this yarn and the pattern and them together. So why haven’t I been working on it? I have no freaking idea. But I have picked it back up again. Originally I wasn’t going to add the border, but now I think I will, I have enough yarn and I’ve gained confidence in my lace knitting skills. So I’m changing the name from Melon Pattern Scarf to Melon Pattern Shawl. Hopefully it will be big enough to be called a shawl!

Recycled Silk Scarf

This isn’t really even a WiP, I picked up some recycled silk, did a simple knit-every-row-on-too-big-needles scarf and just need to weave in the ends.

Er, yes I bought it recently, yes I know I’m on a yarn diet. It was a sale and it’s black it will go with everything! Ok fine, you’re right I shouldn’t have bought the yarn.

Mitt Envy

Ah these, Mitty Envy from Weezalana. I bought this yarn because I loved the color and had no idea what to do with it, not being a sock knitter you know. Browsing my queue I came across Weeza’s pattern. Perfect they were made for each other. The pattern is great, but apparently I’m not. I’ve already frogged once and have to do so again because I can not read. I am a moron. I should be done with both mitts at this point. Maybe I deserve to have my mojo missing.

Mandarin petitNot a WiP but soon to be, this yarn will be the Apres Surf Hoodie from the new issues of Interweave Knits. I’m just waiting on the needles to get here.

I hope everyone else’s mojo is just fine. I’m off to try to get caught up on my blog reading!

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But it’s time for another installment of WiP it Wednesday! In case you’re not familiar with this game, the idea is that I show how much progress I’ve made on my WiPs since I last showed them to you, and confess the new ones I’ve started and which ones I’m neglecting. Mostly it involves shame for me and pointing and laughing and whispering behind hands for you! 🙂


Let’s get the new project I’ve cast on for out of the way first – My So Called Scarf! Isn’t it like mandatory that if you’re a knitter you buy Manos and make this? When I was browsing Ravelry for what to do with my skein of Manos in Prairie this is all I saw. Er, yeah you’re right, that’s not Prairie, that’s the new Manos I bought yesterday specifically for this scarf, I bought two skeins and I’m alternating every two rows with them because I saw so many people say their two halves didn’t match exactly.


Up next another scarf, the Chicabean Scarf, I’m so pleased with the cables and lace pattern on this. It’s Cascade 220 so it will be a warm scarf even with the lacy holes I’m also planning to adapt the pattern for a hat. I’ll let you know how it works but I don’t think I’ll have any problems I’ve already worked out the decreases in my head.


Tree Jacket is coming along nicely. I’m getting ready to switch to stockinette on the first sleeve. I’m happy I decided to use the lace pattern on the arms, I like how it looks. I’m knitting it in the round, so there is lots of turning of the body! wow! You’ll notice I haven’t bound off the body yet, I want it to be long but I wanted to be sure I had enough yarn for the arms, so I’ll finish it after the arms are finished.


I’m also still working away on the Melon Pattern Scarf , it’s lace so it’s slow going but my love for it has not diminished. Love the silk, love the colors, love the pattern. Initially I wasn’t going to add the border to it, but now I’m thinking I will.

Not pictured, because I’m still working on them but haven’t touched since the last time we played this game:

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IMG_9215 (2)Here we are for another installment of WiP it Wednesday where I publicly admit the new projects I’ve started (I have a serious case of startitis I want to start at least 2 more but I’ve been restraining myself) and show the projects I’ve been neglecting. See where the shame comes in? For me at least, for you guys it’s good you can point and judge and whisper among yourselves.

Up first the Melon Pattern Scarf from Victorian Lace today. I love this, I love the pattern and I love the yarn, it’s like they were made for each other. I know variegated yarn is frowned on for lace but I like it. I’m not planning to put the edge on it just block lightly and go!


Next the Hemlock Ring Blanket I haven’t picked this up in a week. Not for lack of love, I definitely love it. But it’s not portable and I’ve got a couple of other big projects I’m trying to finish and I’m a bit distracted so I can’t focus enough to work this pattern.

Here we have the Simple Log Cabin Throw that I snuck in without even putting it on my side bar. 🙂 I have two nieces, one will get the throw I showed you last week, one will get this one for Christmas. I’m about half way done with this.



I’m still working on The Chicabean Scarf, but no new pics because I know the recipient reads the blog so it needs to be sort of a surprise. She did pick the yarn so she knows she’s getting something. I love the pattern I’m using for this one, and I’m planning to adapt it to a matching hat. They’ll be Christmas gifts too. Then that’s the end of my Christmas knitting unless I do something small.


The Pinwheel Blanket also intended as a gift. My mom said the best baby blanket she got was circular so I found a pattern for one.

Not pictured:

  • The Lace Tank – it’s hibernating. It’s hard to focus on a lace top when the weather is cooler and I’m itching to knit sweaters.
  • Picovoli – Not really hibernating I just haven’t been working on it but I will.

I’m itching to start:


Oh and one last wip, which really barely qualifies. I have one ball of manos and little bit left over from my mittens, I was thinking a scarf, so I started The One Row Scarf, but I’m not feeling the love. Any suggestions?

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