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IMG_7087an illness that affects bloggers. Symptoms include wishing a meme would make the rounds so they’d have a post, searching other blogs for quizzes to post, inability to think of anything to write about and general lack of will to blog. Thanks to Robin for giving a name to this illness that seems to be sweeping the blogosphere right now.

I’m actually very busy right now, between the two jobs I haven’t had a day off since the 17th and wont get one until the 4th. Plus I’m working 2 weekends in a row at the library, so that means Friday night winery, Saturday library, run to winery after get off from the library, Sunday library. Makes for a very long weekend.

IMG_7207Last week I found this guy in the yard. Actually da boys found him, I went to see about the ruckus they were making, poor little guy. Oscar was so interested in him he wouldn’t leave him alone. I guess that makes him a bully. I finally scolded him. He left the tortoise alone but he wouldn’t go away he just sat there watching it. Here he is trying to convince me he has no interest and just happens to be sitting there. I finally made him go inside.

I decided on Clapotis for the silk. I used smaller needles because the yarn is finer. But I’m thinking of frogging, I want an open airy wrap more for summer then winter. Or maybe I should save the silk for a more open pattern. *sigh*

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Got Plastic?

Because you need another excuse to crochet (or knit) your own Farmer’s Market bag, I’m sharing this article I saw via Mimi’s blog. Go read it. I’m warning you, it’s disturbing. Go read it anyway.

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Actias Luna and more!

I found this Luna Moth (Actias Luna) on my door a couple of weeks ago. I’m guessing this is a male from the research I did. yes I am a geek! 😉


I spotted this guy on the edge of my yard. I wonder if he’s the same one I found last year. How fast do they grow?


Columbines in my yard


Just some of the Irises I have.


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Now taking requests

For a limited time only! I will guest star in your dreams! Make your request now! That’s right apparently I am now showing up in the dreams of my readers. Don’t worry I behaved appropriately and didn’t do any psychological damage, at least nothing long term. Nate was there too, but I can’t speak for him, I think if he shows up in anyone’s dream, psychological damage is pretty much guaranteed! 🙂 We were just hanging out in Barnes and Noble which is something we do in real life, how funny is that?

Yesterday while doing yard work I found Morel mushrooms in my yard!  How crazy is that? I probably found about 20 altogether.


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