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Spring is here!

picture of irises

My denial of Winter had finally succeeded and Spring has arrived. No more freezing my feet off wearing flip flops in the snow!

Right now I’m ignoring the fact that all of this means I will have to mow my yard and that my mower is broken. I’m sure I’ll cursing about it next week, but for now I’m so happy to see green and not to be cold!

Proof! At right my iris bed, can’t wait till they bloom! I separated and moved them last fall, so I’m glad to see they are happily coming up in their new home. I also have about 5 different varieties and forgot to mark them when I was moving them so they’ll be a nice potpourri when they come up, 🙂

The Grape Hyacinths have come up.


Shrubs are blooming.


Spring is here!


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Yellow Rose of SharonSo I was thinking there seem to be a lot more women bloggers than men. I mean almost all the “real life” bloggers I know are women (sorry Doug!). All the blogs are I read are women. Is this because of the knitting? Is there some mad ring of men bloggers out the blogging about NASCAR and I am just not aware of it? I know of two knitting blogs that are men, but I honestly don’t read them regularly. The only men who comment on my blog are the guys who know me in “real life” and some guy who digs my red hair (thank you, yes I’m foxy!) Is it because of the long standing belief that women are better, more profuse communicators than men? Are we replacing our “sewing circles” or other social networks with the blogs we read? I mean because I’ve moved around a LOT and making new friends is hard, but there are so many great people who read my blog and who’s blog I read. Are women just more prone to “share” their thoughts and lives than men? Are men too busy eating Cheetos in their underpants to blog? Or is it all just me?

C-List Blogger

Saw this on Katydid Knits like forever ago and had to know what I was. C seems good, I don’t wanna have to deal with the paparazzi. Keeping my hair “did” would just be too much work.

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I meant to share these pictures with you last week and forgot. They are from the ice storm we had two weekends ago. Remember the hissy fit “Winter Sucks” post? Yeah, I often channel my inner two year old. I miss warmer weather, not necessarily summer. But frankly I don’t think I look that great in sweaters, I’m tired of being cold and I miss flip-flops a lot, being able to wear my hair up without worrying that my ears will freeze off. You get the idea.

This ice storm trapped me in the house for 3 days. IMG_5502


Yep, I cast on for wicked. LLP is shelved for the moment. I think I’ll have more confidence once I complete Wicked, so I am planning to go back to it. Either that or I’ll have to find a new project for the yarn, because I do love it. I love the yarn for Wicked and I’m really happy with the color I picked. It’s coming along nicely.


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Sleet, Ice, Snow!

About 2:00 yesterday it started sleeting, bad. We all knew the storm was coming it had been sleeting all morning, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for how fast it got bad. I pretty much went into panic mode because I spent 5 years in AZ and last winter here we got maybe an inch of snow. But I didn’t have to drive home, Nathan was nice enough to let me stay at his place so it actually was a nice night. We walked uptown to a restaurant that was still open for dinner. The whole downtown was deserted! That’s sleet not snow by the way.

We didn’t realize it, but while we were inside it continued to sleet, so when we were walking home it looked like this. Over an inch of sleet on the ground.


Later, I’m not sure what time it started to snow and I took this picture through the window.

It snowed all night and this morning it looked like this! We walked to Coffee Zone and downtown was so quiet and pretty!

But after that we had to dig out my car cuz there were puppies at home waiting for me. Its the one with the red box around it. Thanks Nathan and Candace for helping me shovel! Oh and Nathan thanks for the best bologna sandwich I’ve had in a long time! 🙂

img_4534 (2)

Ok there’s gonna be some bitching here so if you don’t like swear words or want to know what a vindictive bitch I can really be skip this paragraph. It was slow going coming home the roads weren’t great, but I took it slow and all was fine. Until I realized even when I got home there would be no where for me to park. A lot of craziness ensued. I’d like to say a big fuck you very much to several people – 1. the neighbor who wouldn’t let me park in her drive for 1/2 an hour while I shoveled mine, bitch, don’t ever come here asking for anything I’ll spit in your face. 2. To all the guys who drove by and didn’t offer to help me get my car unstuck. You might not have a daughter or a sister or a wife, but I know you have a mother and right now she should be ashamed of you. Especially you little potheads who drove by twice and looked all put out that I was in your way. I hope the next time you go for a Doritos run you get pulled over and busted with that pot, enjoy prison!

Ok rant over! Super big thank you to the two men who did help me! Chivalry is not dead. But the fun was not over, you’d think: drive shoveled, car in drive, walk shoveled, all things check, but no the heat was off, it was 45 degrees in the house when I walked in the door. Joy! But now the heat is on, and I’m home safe and sound and is well so hear are some pics of the snow and ice!
IMG_4538 (2)

Simon got stuck in the snow and I had to go get him. He was completely covered in snow!

My car safe in front of my house.

Side yard

Other side yard

PS I know it’s Yarn Pr0n Friday, but given the drama of the last 24 hours I had to blog about it. I’ll be post the Pr0n tomorrow. So come back!

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Around my house

Deer crossing the roadI’ve been sick all weekend, which has led to nothing on my to-do list getting done. But it was still a pretty exciting weekend. Besides being able to knit and watch TV (more on that later), lots of other stuff happened. As I was lounging on my sofa yesterday I looked out the window and saw three deer crossing the road, they went down the drive between my house and my neighbor so I was able to grab some pics without freaking them out. The first one was taken through my front window, which thanks to Oscar is cover with dog slobber and who knows what else. The next one I snuck out the back door before they got around back so I was waiting for them.

Deer in Back yard

I also saw a praying mantis on my porch. He was hanging upside down.

Praying Mantus

Da boys in the yard. Simon and Oscar love the yard.

Dogs in the yard

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