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IMG_9395I’ve been doing lots of secret knitting lately with the Holiday’s coming up and friends expecting. Well I sent off a package last week and Liz called to tell me that she received it Monday. So ta da! Here is one of my secret projects, it’s the Pinwheel Baby Blanket. My mom told me that her favorite baby blanket was a round one so I found a pattern for one. I know all that endless knitting would get old so I double stranded Patons Simply Soft using light and dark blue. This really was a pretty fast knit and I’m happy with how it turned out. I’ve left Simon in the bigger picture so you can get an idea of size.

Liz was also the recipient of the Shetlands Chunky Tweed Scarf from last week.

liz.jpgI gotta show you guys one more picture. Liz got some professional pregnancy shots done and they are so amazing so I have to share with ya’ll. She’s wanted a baby for a long time so this pregnancy truly is a blessing for her and she looks amazing. Truly glowing. The pictures all look fabulous, some of them are going to be used for advertising for different things. There is such a wide range of shots from the one you see at the right to a very tasteful topless one to some with her husband. Liz is one of my best friends and I’m am so happy for her and I think these pictures look amazing and were a fabulous idea. Congratulations again Liz!

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IMG_9215 (2)Here we are for another installment of WiP it Wednesday where I publicly admit the new projects I’ve started (I have a serious case of startitis I want to start at least 2 more but I’ve been restraining myself) and show the projects I’ve been neglecting. See where the shame comes in? For me at least, for you guys it’s good you can point and judge and whisper among yourselves.

Up first the Melon Pattern Scarf from Victorian Lace today. I love this, I love the pattern and I love the yarn, it’s like they were made for each other. I know variegated yarn is frowned on for lace but I like it. I’m not planning to put the edge on it just block lightly and go!


Next the Hemlock Ring Blanket I haven’t picked this up in a week. Not for lack of love, I definitely love it. But it’s not portable and I’ve got a couple of other big projects I’m trying to finish and I’m a bit distracted so I can’t focus enough to work this pattern.

Here we have the Simple Log Cabin Throw that I snuck in without even putting it on my side bar. 🙂 I have two nieces, one will get the throw I showed you last week, one will get this one for Christmas. I’m about half way done with this.



I’m still working on The Chicabean Scarf, but no new pics because I know the recipient reads the blog so it needs to be sort of a surprise. She did pick the yarn so she knows she’s getting something. I love the pattern I’m using for this one, and I’m planning to adapt it to a matching hat. They’ll be Christmas gifts too. Then that’s the end of my Christmas knitting unless I do something small.


The Pinwheel Blanket also intended as a gift. My mom said the best baby blanket she got was circular so I found a pattern for one.

Not pictured:

  • The Lace Tank – it’s hibernating. It’s hard to focus on a lace top when the weather is cooler and I’m itching to knit sweaters.
  • Picovoli – Not really hibernating I just haven’t been working on it but I will.

I’m itching to start:


Oh and one last wip, which really barely qualifies. I have one ball of manos and little bit left over from my mittens, I was thinking a scarf, so I started The One Row Scarf, but I’m not feeling the love. Any suggestions?

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