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IMG_9363I started this much earlier this year, I think in February. I wanted to try out Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed. I know it’s 75% acrylic but i really like it. It’s soft and cushy, the colors are beautiful and is a really reasonable priced tweed. It’s machine washable which I think it really important for gifts. Plus chunky means a fast knit, unless you’re making a 1×1 rib scarf. I love the color and look so much I might get some to make one for myself. I’ll definitely be using it for more gifts.


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IMG_7655 (2)

Help Wanted : Personal photographer, someone to follow me around and capture my fabulousness on film.

Taking pictures of this myself was hard, nothing was coming out. I finally resorted to asking a coworker to take pictures of me. Thanks Claudia!

My first “real” lace project done! I’ve done bits of lace here and there but this is my first 100% lace project. What I can say about it that I haven’t already said? I love it! I’ve got my next project from Victorian Lace Today picked out.

Stats :

  • Cast On: June 2007
  • Weaving In: July 27 th 2007
  • Pattern: Scarf w/edging 21 & insertion 25 pg 100 from Victorian Lace Today
  • Needles: Size 9 Knit Picks Options
  • Yarn: Paton’s Grace in Tangelo
  • Modifications : None, really other than it’s wider and shorter than the pattern called for.
  • Blog posts


In the wild!


Close up of the center pattern

Close up of knit on border. My first! 🙂




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I’ve been spending most of my spare time working on the house, you know rearrange, pack up some of my things, trying to make it look really appealing. I’m meeting with a Realtor today. Luckily I have the Harry Potter audiobooks to entertain me while doing this and I’m almost finished with Order of the Phoenix.

I’ve been snatching spare minutes here and there to knit. I am almost finished with the Scarf w/edging 21 & insertion 25 pg 100. I would have finished it this weekend but I ran out of yarn! After all my careful planing I’m about 3 rows short. I’m going to get more today (and have sushi with a friend, yum!) Since it’s only 3 rows I’m not too worried about dye lots. Then I have to figure out how I’m going to block this thing. I’m thinking a yoga mat. How do you guys block?

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IMG_7369I am. I can only stand temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees, and even then only with controlled humidity. Anything hotter I wilt; anything colder I freeze. I swear I spend half my life bitching about the weather in the Midwest. Arizona oh how I miss you! I officially can not wait for our Midwest Summer to be over. Funny thing, I checked the blog archives and this is about the point where I started kvetching about the weather last summer 🙂

I usually title my posts with the title of the project I’m featuring but some how Scarf w/edging 21 &; insertion 25 pg 100 didn’t seem very exciting. I love Victorian Lace Today but they could use some real help on naming the projects. This is my first official lace project. I used Paton’s Grace, which I’m really pleased with. I love the pattern and lace knitting in general. I really enjoyed working on this once I got the pattern down. This pattern calls for a larger yarn so I thought Grace would work, but it’s probably a little big for it, which is why it’s so much wider. But I do like the Grace yarn, I know I’m probably not supposed to but hell, I can’t afford silk and cashmere every time and this is a nice cheap yarn that’s pretty.


The scarf is wider and not as long as the pattern. I’ve turned to put the wide end boarder on and it should be done soon. Then I just need to figure out how I’m gonna block this thing! 🙂


Please ignore my expression, it’s hard to take photos of yourself on your front porch at 6:30 am when your neighbors are going by thinking you’re a nut job. Plus I had to bend down to be in line with the camera. Note to self – teach dogs to operate camera.


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Yesterday was my first day off from the Library in over two weeks. Tonight I have to work at the winery but it was so nice yesterday to know I didn’t have to get up and go to work this morning. Working that many days in a row was starting to mess with my head, I couldn’t keep straight what day of the week it was. Anyway, on to the WIPs!

First up my new project the Lace Tank from the Summer issue of Vogue Knitting. Unblocked lace not much to look at, I know. But there’s the start of it, I cast on this morning.

IMG_7290Next up the Check Board Throw I’m making for my niece, for Christmas. It’s coming along nicely I just need to run to Hobby Lobby for more yarn. I don’t think that actually breaks any knit from the stash rules.

The Drop Stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits, done except for blocking which I will get to this week. I really like this top, but it seems, well, heavy. I guess that would be the Pima Tencel.


Mentionable is just awaiting a visit from my mom so she can help me mark where to put the straps, she’ll be here tomorrow. So I need to hurry up and decide on the stitch pattern I’ll use for them. I’m thinking seed stitch on the smaller needles I used for the top. BTW it’s almost impossible to get a decent self pic of this yarn. When it’s completely done I’ll have to recruit someone to take pics for me.


Scarf w/edging 21 & insertion 25 pg 100 is coming along nicely. I do love the Victorian Lace Today but it would have been nice if they’d come up with some more interesting names for the patterns.

Happy Knitting and have a great Fourth, I’m back to the knitting chair to listen to Harry Potter and knit away.

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IMG_7233Thanks to the dreary weather I ended up having Friday night off work. It’s my first weekend night off in two months, plus it coincided with our happy hour at work, so I was able to head to my favorite local Irish Pub with my coworkers. Plus they now have Smithwicks on tab, it was a prefect Friday night, I had a couple of beers, the world’s best chicken strips and went home early.


In knitting news. I’ve found my next two projects, hopefully I’ll have time to cast on next week. I know I wont have time before the 4th so I started something easy, a blanket. I bought the yarn to make blankets for my nieces for Christmas a couple of months ago and Christmas will be here before I know it. Because I wanted soft and machine washable I went with Caron Simply Soft.


I’m still working away on my Scarf from Victorian Lace Today, I finally got the first Harry Potter book on CD in so I’ve been listening to it and knitting away. This my first lace project and I used Paton’s Grace. I didn’t want to use expensive yarn for my first attempt in case I hate it and I really loved this color.


My next two projects the Lace Tank and the Lace Cardigan both from the Vogue Knitting Summer 2007 issue.


After the tank and the scarf I hope I’ll feel confident enough to tackle this Cardigan. I really love it.

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Ever notice those projects on the side bar? Wonder why the heck the Drop Stitch Lace Tank is still there? Has she bothered to picked up Mentionable this month? Does she even still knit? Well nows your chance to find out! Turtlegirl suggested a show me your WiPs Wednesday, I’m not saying I’ll do it every Wednesday becuase we all know I’m can’t commit, but I’ll do it occasionally

  • Remember the Dollar n Half Cardigan? It’s on hiatus. I put it aside for several reasons, I needed something portable to take on the train, I think I’m going to frog so I can have stockinette vs reverse stockinette. Yeah, yeah that was 2 months ago, whatever. I think I’ll start working again soon, but don’t hold your breath.



  • Mentionable , I am working on this a little every evening. I’m getting close to finishing the body.


  • What’s that? More crochet? Yep! It’s the start of a Farmer’s Market Bag for me. In pink, cuz pink rocks and I rock.


  • Scarf w/edging 21 & insertion 25 pg 100 from Victorian Lace Today. Love it! Love knitting lace. Plus easier than I thought. This is my first real lace project Look out lace here I come! Soon I be swathed in lace knit shawls, hankies, collars you name it! Ok not really because we all know I don’t actually knit that fast.

btw – I made a major error and you can see it in this picture if you’re really looking. Rather than frog I’ve opted to call it a design signature and keep going because it’s a scarf and I don’t think it will be obvious.


Happy Knitting!

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