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Wow there is so much going on behind the scenes lately I’m gonna try to fill you in on a little today.

First up, I got an offer on my house and I’m just waiting for the buyer to sign the counter offer, which should be no problem, we’ve verbally agreed to it. Then the inspection period then I move.  Up until that’s complete there is always a chance something could go wrong, so I’m worrying.  They want to close by the 31st, so I’ll have about two weeks to move. Good news, I’m pretty sure I’ve already found a place! I’ll save the details for when/if I move. All of the back and forth has been very stressful, even if it is good stress.

I’m an Angel. It’s true I am! Stop snickering! You in the back! I can hear you! 🙂 See all this beautiful, yummy stuff? None of it’s for me!


I’ve got to tell you it is HARD to part with this stuff! If it weren’t going to such well deserving people I’m not sure I could! LOL. My upstream Secret Pal was so wonderful I agreed to be an Angel for someone who’s Pal didn’t send stuff to try to pass along some of the goodness. Once she gets her package I’ll let you know who she is. Even though the surprise isn’t spread out over 3 months, I am trying to make it as fun for her as possible before she gets the package with my info in it!

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IMG_0336My last package from my Secret Pal came on Wednesday as I was leaving for work. I’d stalked the mailman all morning since she told me it was on it’s way. First up Emily over at Skyline Chilly is my Secret Pal, it will be so much easier to write this post if I can call her by her name rather than Secret Pal, so I’m revealing at the beginning not the end. This was my first Secret Pal exchange and probably my last. Emily was so great I can’t imagine anyone topping her.

IMG_0337I open the box and there is a card right on top. I opened it and there is a hand written two page letter from her! She is so sweet and nice and she has my dream job! Working at Lorna’s Laces! She spent some time in a library before that, it’s weird that we have so much in common!

The first thing is this adorable bag. Emily I noticed it has the label from your company in it, did you make this?


Another music CD, I swear we have the same taste in music! It’s so weird to get a mixed CD from someone and like all the songs on it! I listened to this several times on my drive to and from my parents this week.


Then look! Not one, but two, TWO skeins of Malabrigo worsted in Lettuce! I’ll confess I took this to work and made coworkers who know nothing about yarn touch it and smell it! I think everyone thought I was crazy! But it’s soooo soft and beautiful!


Also included is a pattern for slippers for the Malabrigo! As soon as my Christmas knitting is done I”m gonna get started on these! My feet are always cold!


As if that wasn’t enough look! A skein of Manos! Yum! Now see what I mean? She really is the best Secret Pal a gal could hope for. She knows what yarns I love, she knows the colors I like, she has the same taste in music! It doesn’t get any better than that! I’m thinking Calorimetry with the Manos, but I’m open for suggestions, what do ya’ll think?
Emily thank you so much! This has been a wonderful experience for me. The last couple of months have been a very trying time and the gifts and kindness from you have been an amazing help. I could not have asked for a better pal. I’m excited to start reading your blog and checking you out on Ravelry!

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The Great Pumpkin!

IMG_9776Wow there was so much mail waiting for me when I got back! Bills, junk mail, catalogs, the new Interweave, some things I’d ordered and best of all a package from my Secret Pal! Guys I seriously have the best Secret Pal! There was this huge box and look what was in it when I opened it!

All tied up with string!


oh! candy! I was all excited then I noticed something in the upper right corner!


yarn! Two balls of Trendsetter Super Kid Seta! Scrumptious! I love it! in Green! I love Fall and pumpkins so even though Halloween is passed I’ve just turned the Jack-o-lantern face to the wall and I’m have it set out!

Now is that the best trick or treat or what? 🙂


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8 crazy things

IMG_9420First off, my Secret Pal freaking rocks. Seriously you guys. I got home today and there was a box from the florist sitting on my door step and I could not figure out who might have sent it. Oh I can think of a coupe people who owe me flowers but none that would actually send them. 🙂 When I hoped it – they were from my Pal! A miniature yellow rose bush in this cute silver container. It went on the end table right next to my knitting space.

Sharon of Holy Knitballs tagged me with the 8 Things About Me Meme last week and I haven’t been able to think of 8 things. But now Monica of Ruby’s n Purls has tagged me too so I have to it!

Rules: Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.

  1. I’m afraid of normal things like spiders, heights, and small spaces, but I’m also completely freaked out by clowns and rabbits
  2. I can curl my tongue
  3. I’ve never seen any of the Die Hard movies
  4. I have never named any of my cars
  5. I don’t like yellow highlighters
  6. I once had a pet rabbit named Marmalade. It was vicious (see #1)
  7. I always want to know how things work. I’ve never stopped asking “why”. I’m pretty sure it drives people nuts, including my boss.
  8. The only kind of jam I like is the homemade raspberry jam that my mom and grandma make

Oh and I’m not usually this lazy, but if you’re reading this consider yourself tagged!

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Flash your stash

As part of secret pal we’ve been directed to flash our stash. Since I just spent an entire weekend organizing mine, I’m gonna cheat a little.Here is my tote stash, well most of it. IMG_9300

Starting at the top left

  • Green Tote – one I made myself, holds small projects and zips shut
  • Zebra Tote – rocks, got it for $5 has a zipper pouch on one side and an open one an other other, a small one inside and one for a water bottle on one end, holds large project & stand up on its own
  • Orange tote – free from Clinque, cute no pockets, medium project
  • Next row Orange tote – free from Revlon, soft sided no pockets
  • stripped tote – from the Gap, huge! but soft and only one small pocket
  • Reddish Orange – You can’t see it very well and that annoys me because it’s one of my favs. Sometimes I carry it as a purse, stiff sides, stands up on it’s own, one inside pocket, got it from Coldwater Creek for like $10
  • Botanique one with flowers – Got this from B&N, sometimes they’ll have totes for $4.95 if you buy 2 books, plus I get to use my discount so they cost me $4. no pockets, but super light weight plasticy and stands up on it’s own, snaps closed
  • Book tote with brown handles – yep anther B&N one, same material, just taller. These are quickly becoming my favorites.
  • Large canvas tote from Target, I don’t use this much anymore, it has too many pockets.
  • Basket – one of many around the house
  • Brown and Pink tote – got from Michaels last year and it holds all my knitting accessories

You didn’t think I’d let you go without seeing any yarn did you?

My creation

My creation

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The postman always rings twice

IMG_9230ok seriously my Secret Pal is spoiling me! Last week I got this cute card with a mixed CD (which rocks!) and hadn’t even take a picture or blogged about it when I got another package in the mail yesterday!

I tore off the brown wrapping and saw this and headed off to get my camera before I even looked at the card which says – you may want your camera for this.


I open the box and there is a package wrapped in this white paper. I tore it open before I took a picture.


Because I’m slow it took me until this point to realize what was going on.


This is like one of those Russian doll things.


They are all so pretty I feel back tearing them to open them.


Got to be getting close right?


Yep! almost there!


Ta Da! Look! My first set of Addi Lace needles! Rockin! I can’t wait to use them!  Thank you!  Secret Pal!


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Bounty from Brussels

IMG_9047Look at this! Another gift from my Secret Pal. All the way from Brussels! Well I’m sure it was mailed from within the US, but my Pal was in Brussels and picked out a few things for me. How wonderful! Tea from the Le Palais de Thés (The Tea Palace), in case you can’t read the label, it’s called Cachemire, how knitterly! I love tea and be opening this as soon as it gets cooler. Also chocolate. From Brussels! I had a couple of the chocolates, they were heavenly! Definitely made my suffering easier this weekend. Thank you Pal!

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