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I think its gonna get froggedAfter languishing in my wip pile during the heat of Georgia summer and fall I finally picked the Seed Stitch Card back up.  Everything is done except the button bands and collar.  But I think its gonna get frogged.

At first I thought the problem was the yarn I subbed, the pattern calls for Pear Tree 8 ply 107 yards = 50 grams, I used Frog Tree Merino Melange 101 yds = 50 grams.

But no I think I either should have made a size smaller or that I would like it better with a lighter weight yarn (its dense) or its just the pattern. Thoughts?

Its too bulky/loose under the arms

I think its gonna get frogged

Its tragic really because it is a beautiful sweater and those cables are lovely.

I think its gonna get frogged

the yarn is beautiufl

I think its gonna get frogged
and I managed to successfully modify it for long sleeves

I think its gonna get frogged

I think part of the problem might be how much I still love my central park non-hoodie, in fact if this gets frogged that’s what the yarn will be.

Hoodless Central Park Hoodie 05

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You know what makes me sad? The are only 4 photos in my 2009 WiPs set on Flickr. FOUR photos and I haven’t finished one project! In all fairness the first half of this year was insane! However, I’m taking some steps to taking by my time, including saying no sometimes. I’ve been working on the Seeded Cables Cardigan since January according to Ravelry. Not sure when I’ll actually get to wear it down here, but I know it will love it. The back and right front are done, I’m almost done with the left front. So close! I will finish it by the end of August!

Seeded Cables Cardigan

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