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We’re having an ice storm this weekend, it started yesterday and looks like to continue into Sunday evening. I hate being stuck at home. It’s not like I have a LOT of places I want to go, I just want to be able to go where I want when I want to. Yes, I know I’m displaying a Veruca Salt attitude about this, but I can’t help it! After living in AZ for 5 years, I’m used to being able to travel where and when I want within reason. I wanted to be at a friends drinking wine last night and I want to be able to go to a coffee shop tomorrow. Okay, bitching over, here’ s a nice pic of the ice to make up for it.

IMG_5372 (2)

The tree outside my dining room


Luckily the needles I needed for the Laceleaf Pullover arrived yesterday so I’ve been able to get a lot done on it. I know from reading other blogs about this that the difficulty will be when I graft the two sections together. I started last night and look how far I’ve gotten. Of course I’m using size 11 needles, part of the reason I chose this for my first sweater. I was worried I’d get bored before I got done.

Proof that I am working on my second sock!


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Ok, I have to confess something, I’m not even though my first week of Project365 and I’m find it HARD! Ugh. I take plenty of pictures, it’s just that most of them are of my knitting or my dogs. I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I walk or to the grocery store. Plus the other thing I’m doing, and I’m not sure you’re supposed to but heck, I guess I can make my own rules, is pick a photo that isn’t necessarily the best one I took that day, but the one that be represents that day. Do you have any idea how hard that was at 9 pm last night when I realized I had not take ONE picture! ahhhhh!

IMG_5316The first finished knits of 2007! My second Mason Dixon hand towel. I used cotton for this time, I used the linen the book calls for on the first one and while I like the yarn, I didnt’ really like it as a towel. I’m saving the rest of it for something else so suggestions are welcome. I think I started this in August, and just picked it up after Christmas to finish it. I’m much happier with it and I will actually use it. It ended up 15 x 20 inches. I would have liked to do one more repeat of the pattern but was running low and yarn and didn’t want to risk it.


IMG_5311I know technically socks aren’t finished until they are both done. But since this was my very first sock I’m showing it! Ta Da! There are some mistakes but I learned a lot and I’m definitely glad I used Lion Brand for the first pair, they’ll be great around the house socks.

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and a pointy toe, is it too much to ask? Yes, I’m talking about shoes. About once a week while getting ready for work I wish I had black shoe with a low heel and a pointy toe, something like this, but in the Target/Payless range my public servant salary restircts me to. I’ve checked both places and so far no luck.

IMG_5290While the voices in my head are not nearly as amusing as Sheepish Annies are they are still pretty entertaining and well sometimes scary. Today for instance I was trying to think of something to blog about.

  • Voice 1 : I don’t know I can’t think of anything, this is hard!
  • Voice 2 : you do it everyday! Stop whining! Just write something!
  • Voice 1 : But the only thing I can think of is that Nathan started smoking cigars and alternating between thinking it looks like a turd or incredibly phallic.
  • Voice 2 : You’re right no one wants to read about that! Just write about those socks! Knitters love socks!

IMG_5243I did managed to knit some more on my sock yesterday, I’m almost to the toe decreases. (I’m further along than the picture, but it’s the last one I took). I’m already looking for my next set. I want to try toe-up. As everyone warned me and I’d guessed at from reading other knitting blogs, I’m addicted and I haven’t finished my first pair. I realize this pair I’m probably just gonna wear around the house, but I wanna knit something pretty and I want people to see it! I have a question though, where do you wear your socks? Like out and about? Around the house? With sandals? Regular shoes?

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IMG_5225for coffee shop. That’s right I’m blogging live from the only coffee shop in town open on Sunday mornings! I decided to take my morning blog surfing and blogging on the road this morning and headed out the door with my laptop. The music sucks, the aucoustics are crap, but I am glad to be out. Last night was spent on my sofa knitting away. At right – Da boys were a great help, holding down this blanket and pillow that were threatening to cause mischief and mayham at any moment. In a fit of insanity I had told a friend he could call me if he needed a ride home no matter what the hour. Lucky no call was made and I was not forced to venture into the world with bedhead and wearing jams. Although my sleep was not completely peaceful. I’ve been having weirdly vivid dreams lately and last nights included someone giving me an iPod (I can not convey the sadness I felt when I awoke and realized I had no such toy) and bats in the house, lots and lots of bats in the house!

In knitting news – I have started my first sock! Thanks to suggestions I started with Lion Magic Strips yarn. I had it in my stash from probably 4 years ago, don’t know why I bought it to begin with but I was glad I had it because NO WHERE within an hour drive of here had cheap sock yarn. I did buy some nice sock yarn but I didn’t want to use it for my first socks. Mostly thinking I wont love them and it would be a waste, I should save it for something special. I’m using the pattern from the inside of the label with a little help from this book, when I’m not completely sure what the pattern means. I’m a visual learner I need to be able to picture the effect of what I’m doing, is that weird? I’m actually really enjoying it and I can’t wait to make other, fancier socks. Must find cool patterns and cool yarn!

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Help from the sock knitters

Ok sock knitters. I’ve never knit a pair of socks, but I see soooo many blogs out there where people do and love making them. I’m don’t mind double points but I’ve heard reference to another method involved two pairs of circulars. I’d love to make myself some warm pairs for this winter.

  1. What pattern would you recommend for a new sock knitter?
  2. What is your favorite technique and where can I learn it?
  3. What is your favorite sock yarn?
  4. Any other tips or suggestions?

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