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Day 2

I did a lot on the Second Day.  I visited the Central Market, full of local wares and handicrafts and Petaling Market, with knock offs of every name brand you can think of.  I didn’t buy a thing 😉

central market

I went to Batu Caves

Batu Caves

and climbed all 272 steps to the top

Long way to go

Once inside you go through the cave where you come out in this opening, very cool

Batu Caves

The view on the way back out

view from the top

I saw the Petronas Towers

Petronas tower

Went to the top of the Menara Tower

Menara Tower

I also walked all 6 floors of this huge mall and didn’t buy a thing

There are 6 floors in this mall, I walked them all

On the third day I worked in the morning, but in the afternoon I went back to the markets and shopped 😉


and I’ve done some knitting


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On my first day I also went to the Butterfly Park, it was amazing and I was so glad I had the new camera


I was able to get some amazing close ups because of it


The entire area was filled with butterflies I just had to be patient and wait for one to land


These are just a few of the photos I took


You can see more here




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I made it

Well I survived my 26 hours of travel.  It wasn’t too bad, I was a bit worried because I remembered not being able to sleep on my trip back from Italy and how awful that was.  I think maybe it was more because I was heart sick to leave place I loved so much.  I’m not saying it was great but it was tolerable.  I even got to see Wanted and the X-Files movie, both of which were on my want-to-watch list.  I arrived at 10:30 pm and by the time I got to my hotel and got settled it was after midnight on Saturday morning (which would be 10 am Friday at home).  I managed to sleep till 7 so I think I’m adjusting pretty well.

The first thing I did after eating breakfast was find out how to get to the train station and I hoped on the train and headed downtown (the guy that invited me seemed to think this was pretty amazing, but I thought nothing of it, I guess I’m used to being self-reliant and doing things on my own.


They were all so beautiful


And picture can’t do justice to the smell, it was amazing


These might be my favorite, I love orange/peach flowers


It’s hard to pick ones for the blog


I got a new camera before I left, I think it was worth it, although its hard to tell on my Mini



there are so many different shapes of orchids

there were other flowers too


water lilies


and hibiscus


That isn’t even all of them, you can see more here, if you’re inclined.

I also went to the Butterfly Garden on my first day but I think I’ll save those pictures for tomorrow.  😉

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Yep I’m off again.  Thursday at 6 am my flight leaves for Kuala Lumpur.  I’ll be there for about a week for work.  I’m hoping I’ll have plenty of time for sight seeing and picture taking too, so expect new pictures.

In other news I’ve had some time to knit, but it’s that time of year again – super secret Christmas knitting, so no pictures, except sneaky ones.

Picture 212

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Brandy in St. Peter's Square

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Around and Around and Around

IMG_7068Warning – long picture heavy post. Well you haven’t been blogging when your sister asks you – when are you gonna update the blog?

I headed to Denver for my Birthday weekend and had a great time with Chicabean & her hubby & my friend Puv.  We did a LOT of stuff, there are microbreweries all over out there so of course we drank beer.

We headed up into the Mountains to check out Breckinridge, where we discovered that it is above the point where I get altitude sickness 😦IMG_7169

Luckily the wine festival we headed to next was lower and I was ok to drink wine, and watch a great band!  Right at the end of the festival it poured rain so we ducked into a pizza shop and had some great pizza.


On the way back down we were treated to a double rainbow, very cool.


The view from Loveland Pass, just amazing!


The next day we went to Zoo.


We were headed to a tapas/wine bar for my bday dinner when we spottted this – a tornado!


This is the first time I’ve ever seen one, even after living in Iowa and Missouri for years.


No one was hurt, so I can say it was amazing!


Then we headed inside to pick out our wine flights -yum!  We had tapas and wine then a champagne flight with deserts.  Everything was delicious!


As we were leaving the restraraunt we stopped to take this picture as we joked this is where we were almost killed by the tornado.  🙂


I have a finished FO – Juno Regina but ti’s been raining for days so I have to wait for better weather to take pictures.

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This is going to be along one! We were only in Rome for three days but there are so many pictures. These are just a few of them. If you want browse them all go here.

We took the train from Lucca to Rome in the morning, checked into our hotel then headed out.  After we got the Metro system figured out and swore off buses everything went smoothly.  First stop the Pantheon, it the only place we had trouble finding, but I think thats due to our getting off from a bus rather than sticking to the metro which we did after this.  You’re walking along these narrow streets then there is is.  Amazing! We choose to eat and rest where we could see it.  Totally worth it, even though they forgot our pizza for a loong time, at least we had wine!

Eating at the Pantheon

Then we took a walk towards the Trevi Fountain but one of the guide books mentioned an old and famous gelato shop along the way.  We gave up on gelato after our second one, and had ordred desert after all our meals instead, but a friend told me I had to try panna cotta gelato so we were looking for some.  We didn’t find any but I braved the crowd to get us each a cone.  Sweet freaking deliciousness! This was by far the best we had and I had cream on top of mine!

Braving the crowd for gelato

Then it was on to the Trevi Fountain.  Amazing! Truly beautiful and the crowd around it.  WE both tossed in a coin ensuring our return to Rome.

Me at the Trevi Fountain

Then we continued our stroll to the Spanish Steps, it was almost dark. They were covered in azaleas.  Beautiful.

Spanish Steps

Then it was back on the metro and back to the Hotel.  It had a rooftop terrace with an amazing view.

View from roof of hotel

The next morning we headed to the Colosseum bright and early.  All the guide books say there are long lines to get in, but we got lucky and there was no line and we got right in, there really weren’t many people in there.  It was truly amazing.  You come up out of the metro then, bam, there it is.

Picture 993

We walked through the Palatine Hill area.  Very beautiful as well.

Circus of Domitian

Then we headed to the Forum.  It was just amazing.  I’ve titled and tagged all of my pictures in Flickr so if you want to know what you’re looking at browse through them.

Roman Forum as seen from Palantine Hill

The Temple of Julius Caesar is mostly ruins but there is still a niche in front where his body was burned.  It’s covered with metal to protect it and you have to wait in line to go around  part of the wall and there are flowers on the remains of the altar.

Temple of Julius Caesar

The other thing Chicabean and I found most interesting was the Umbilicus Ubris, it gets very little mention in the guide books and not a lot of attention from the crowds, so we had to hunt for it to be sure we’d found it.  It was the designated center of Rome, the point from which all roads were measured.  So when you say all roads lead to Rome, this is where they lead.

Umbilicus Urbis

We had lunch near the Colosseum.

Picture 1090

Then it was back on the metro to go back to the hotel for our siesta.


Then we headed back to the Spanish Steps in the daylight

Spanish Steps

We headed to a Irish Pub for dinner.  Doug & Tab, I thought of you where there and took more pics of it.  This is the first beer we’d had over there, I had Kilkenny, yum!

Picture 1128

We lingered there for a while so we had an appetizer first.  There is cheese, stuffed olives, something with rice in a tomato sauce and cheese and I can’t remember what the other things was.

Picture 1130

Then Pizza!


The next morning we had to check out by 11 am, so we looked for things to do close to the Hotel, so went went to the Capuchin Crypt. Um, yeah I totally wussed out, I had to sit down then leave.  No pics because we weren’t allowed to take any and it was too hard to sneak one while feeling like you’re gonna pass out.   But google for images and you’ll see plenty.

Picture 1138

Then we went to the Baths of Diocletian, which include the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri.

Santa Maria degli Angeli

Then it was time to switch hotels, we went back to our hotel and checked out and got on the train to the Airport to go to our next hotel.  Our mom was able to get us a free room at the Hilton next to the airport for the last night, which was nice since we had to be up at 4 am for flights out.  We had some Panna Cotta in the hotel, we never did find Panna Cotta gelato but this was delicious!

Panna Cotta

We took the hotel bus to the metro then went to St. Peter’s Square. We didn’t go into the Basilica, but the Square was very impressive!

St. Peter's Basilica

This is probably one of my favorite pics of my sister, we were sitting on the steps in the shade, resting.

Brandy in St. Peter's Square

After that we went back down to the Colosseum area, the street was closed off for a street fair! Very cool

Street Fair

We visited the Victor Emmanuel monument which includes the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.

Tomb of the Unknown Solider

Near it is the Capitoline Hill, the highest of the7 hills of Rome and the piazza was designed by Michelangelo.

Grand Staircase

There are so many views overlooking the Roman Forum. There are many small forums in this area, but the biggest is the most famous.

Exhausted we found a place for lunch.  This was the worst wine we had.  We shared a pizza too.


We had to get back to the metro to make the bus back to the hotel and the prices of the hotel food were expensive so we got a pizza to go.  We were being pokey until we realized we’d miscalculated the time we had left and the number of metro stops.  The buses only run every 2 hours and we didn’t want to have to wait for the next one.  We were pushing it down to the minute.  When we got off the metro we ran for the bus, I got confused and went the wrong way so even though Chicabean was carrying a pizza she beat me! LOL  Plus we were laughing so hard. But we made it.

Brandy & the Pizza on the metro

The next morning bright and early began my long trip home. I was not ready to leave, usually by the end of a trip I am ready to go home and sleep in my own bed and be around my own things.  I could have stayed in Rome.

Headed home

I had to go through security in Rome, London and Chicago and the TSA agents in Chicago were unbelievably rude.  It was clear that they were little people high on a power trip.  A very sad re-entry to the States.

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