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It’s been a week of accomplishments! Today is my 4th day without cola, so I think I’m over the hump. I only drank diet cola, and I didn’t drink as much as I used to, but I still felt like I needed to give it up. It was hard, maybe even harder than giving up smoking, in part because the harm doesn’t seem as overt.

I also finished Tree Jacket! I love it! It’s so warm and snuggly which is exactly what I had in mind when I picked this yarn for this sweater. I’m thrilled with all my modifications. If I were gong to make it again, I wouldn’t bother doing the lace pattern at the neckline and I’d do the garter stitch section in stockinette instead, but I’m happy with it how it is and I’ll wear it a lot. Yes I plan to wear that orange shirt underneath it, I have a weird affection for green and orange together 🙂

Tree Jacket 03

  • Pattern: Tree Jacket
  • Cast on: October 2007
  • Weaving in: January 23rd, 2008
  • Needles: size 8
  • Yarn: Peruvia from Berroco
  • Modifications – I knew the yarn was to itchy for me to have it on my neck so I skipped the cowl neck and just worked a couple of repeats of the lace pattern before starting the garter stitch. I worked the garter stitch section down past the bustline. I worked the sleeves in the lace pattern and stockinette.

Tree Jacket 04

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IMG_9578The last time we saw Tree Jacket it looked like this.

But the Christmas knitting was upon us and it had to put aside. Well I’ve found some time to work on it and there has been some frogging.

I wasn’t happy with the sleeves, with the lace pattern all the way to the end they were going to be too wide, so I ripped it back and played with it. The final outcome, stockinette with decreases for the bottom portion. I’m much happier with them.

But then I tried it on and noticed something that should have been apparent to me before. See where the lace section starts? Not too flattering. I’ve noticed that the ones that look the best have the lace section starting lower. So I frogged. It was hard choice but I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t wear it. I’ve started the lace section and it should be fast moving from here.

I’m thrilled with all my modifications to this sweater including a fuzzy, thicker yarn than the pattern calls for! I can’t wait to finish it! I’m thinking I’ll have it done by the end of the months! In plenty of time to wear it a couple of times this year! It’s warm and snuggly!


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But it’s time for another installment of WiP it Wednesday! In case you’re not familiar with this game, the idea is that I show how much progress I’ve made on my WiPs since I last showed them to you, and confess the new ones I’ve started and which ones I’m neglecting. Mostly it involves shame for me and pointing and laughing and whispering behind hands for you! 🙂


Let’s get the new project I’ve cast on for out of the way first – My So Called Scarf! Isn’t it like mandatory that if you’re a knitter you buy Manos and make this? When I was browsing Ravelry for what to do with my skein of Manos in Prairie this is all I saw. Er, yeah you’re right, that’s not Prairie, that’s the new Manos I bought yesterday specifically for this scarf, I bought two skeins and I’m alternating every two rows with them because I saw so many people say their two halves didn’t match exactly.


Up next another scarf, the Chicabean Scarf, I’m so pleased with the cables and lace pattern on this. It’s Cascade 220 so it will be a warm scarf even with the lacy holes I’m also planning to adapt the pattern for a hat. I’ll let you know how it works but I don’t think I’ll have any problems I’ve already worked out the decreases in my head.


Tree Jacket is coming along nicely. I’m getting ready to switch to stockinette on the first sleeve. I’m happy I decided to use the lace pattern on the arms, I like how it looks. I’m knitting it in the round, so there is lots of turning of the body! wow! You’ll notice I haven’t bound off the body yet, I want it to be long but I wanted to be sure I had enough yarn for the arms, so I’ll finish it after the arms are finished.


I’m also still working away on the Melon Pattern Scarf , it’s lace so it’s slow going but my love for it has not diminished. Love the silk, love the colors, love the pattern. Initially I wasn’t going to add the border to it, but now I’m thinking I will.

Not pictured, because I’m still working on them but haven’t touched since the last time we played this game:

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IMG_9487Dark when I leave for work and almost dark when I get home. Which means bad pictures unless I wait until the weekend. I’ve gotten so far on Tree Jacket that I didn’t want to wait until the weekend so here are some bad in door pictures from this morning. I haven’t bound off the bottom yet, but I’ve already started on the sleeves, I wanted to be sure I have enough yarn to make them as long as I want them. I’ve decided to make them in the lace pattern too and I’m knitting them in the round on circular needles. This is really flying along and I can’t wait to be able to wear it.


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IMG_9409I cast on for Tree Jacket last week. I picked up some yarn for it at Simply fibers last week while attending a conference. Thanks to a staff day on Monday with speakers, I was able to get a lot done despite having worked all weekend. I’m using Berroco Peruvia, it’s going to be so warm and snuggly when it’s done! Oh and in case you can’t tell it’s green 🙂

When I was home a couple of weekends ago my mom took me shopping and got me a new outfit, including these shoes, which she hates by the way 🙂 You can see the bottom of the skirt in the picture.


These I got for myself this week and Robin – I blame you for these! I was looking for the black ones, something with a low heel and pointy toes for my pants but the red ones were singing my name.



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