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So, the Tuscany Shawl, when I was trying to decide what knits to take with me I remember this one from No Sheep For You and I just had to make it. I cast on for it in the Airport.
The Beginning of the Tuscany Shawl

worked on it while in England

Tuscany Shawl 01

During my siestas in Cinque Terre


Waiting for the train

Knitting the Tuscany Shawl at the Train Station

On the train

Knitting on the train

Finished it in Rome.

Tuscany Shawl Blocking

Tuscany Shawl 02

The pattern was easy to memorize and the shawl is beauiful. But. You knew there was a but didn’t you? I’d never knit a triangle shawl before because I suspected I wouldn’t like it. I was right. It doesn’t cover my arms enough and it makes my but look big. I want a shawl to be warm and snuggley and it might be if it were bigger. I’m not sure even how to wear it.

None of this is the fault of the shawl. Really, it’s not you, it’s me. I knew I wouldn’t like a triangle shawl so why did I knit one?

Any suggestions on how to wear it so I’ll actually wear it? It is beautiful!

Tuscany Shawl 03+

I blocked it by misting it with water, will wet blocking make it bigger? maybe I’ll like it more if it were bigger.

Tuscany Shawl 04

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