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oh yeah, every Friday there will be Lost

and Yarn

I got a sampler from KnitPicks months ago, the colors are lovely.
Shadow Spring Green Heather

This is Shadow in Juniper Heather.  They will probably either be scarves or something from one of the One Skein books.

Shadow Spring Green Heather

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This video is a sneak peak at a Lost scene with Kate & Aaron so if you don’t wanna know skip it and head down to the yarn.

I bought this to make Jeannie.

Lace Merino

I have it sitting in a basket in my living room

Lace Merino

Sometimes, I can hear it calling my name.

Lace Merino

Wispering – knit me, you know you want to, knit me

Lace Merino

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ok I’m not fanatical about Greys like I am about Lost and Heroes but I do love it, so I just gotta say- what the fuck is up with Dead Denny?  I am so tired of this storyline!  Plus I loved Alex’s speech this week:

Alex: I think it might be cuz you love me too and because I screwed it up last time and cuz Denny died

Izzy: Alex?

Alex: just listen.  You had that heart patient and it reminded you of how bad you felt lying on that bathroom floor.  I get that.  I get that you’re scared but you’re not gonna have to feel like that again.  Cuz I’m not gonna die Izz and I’m not gonna cheat on you and I’m not gonna go anywhere.  Cuz, I think you’re my best shot, I think with you, you make me better, you make me wanna be better, you make me good.  And I think I can, with you I think I can.  So I’m not going anywhere.  and you can stop hiding and if you want to be scared thats ok, just be scared with me.  Be scared with me….

If thats not enough to make a girl stop seeing her dead ex I don’t know what the hell is.  I’ll be honest, I’ve wanted Alex and Izzie to be together since Denny died and Alex picked her up and carried her away.  Loved that moment.  I was thrilled when they got together this year.  Dead Denny is runining the show.  I hope he dies again, very very soon, so Alex and Izzie can get on with it. If not I might give up and quit watching it.

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I’ve been home since Friday afternoon and catching up on what Tivo recorded while knitting Christmas gifts and I’ve seen my first Lost previews.  Oh. My. God!  Can I just say how much I love this show?  I started rewatching it from the beginning of season one a couple of weeks ago, let me just say how bad of an idea that was before getting on an over seas flight, we had the worst turbulence I’ve ever experience and flashes of the plane crash from Lost were not helping my anxiety level.  Anyway I plan to rewatch all 4 seasons before Season 5 starts and watching it reminds me that my other shows are just ok.  In case you haven’.t seen the promos and aren’t properly excited, here you go

there are more on ABCs site and Youtube, go watch them all!

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I have to say I’ve been going to the gym regularly for the last month, except for the gap last week caused by the blisters and I haven’t lost a fricking pound!  Although I did notice this morning when I was riding my bike to the coffee shop that it felt less like I was gonna die 🙂

I saw The Happening this weekend, M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie, and just to add to the creepiness I was the ONLY person in the theater!  I really thought they should have come out and handed me a giant remote so I could turn the temperature up and pause it when I had to run to the Ladies room.  No such thing happened though. I did love the movie!

But something even scarier happened yesterday, I layed out my Dollar and a Half cardi to measure and noticed something. Do you see it?

What's wrong with this picture?

The bottom 3 sets of cables seem to have more space, like and extra 2 rows in them.  Now I know I’ve been following the same pattern. Did my guage tighten?  Later when I get home and find the patience I’ll actually count rows.  grrrrr!

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It’s been an exciting weekend, some good, some bad and some just drama.

The good – Friday night I went to see Sex and the City. Loved it! There was a huge line and so many people were dressed up. We didn’t dress up but I kinda wish we had. I loved the movie, I wont ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but my only complaint would be with how the situation with Miranda was resolved.
ETA – does anyone else want to knit Carries hat and scarf? Must. Find. Screenshots.

The drama – my next door neighbor went into labor last night and her kids came over to ask to use my phone. They have one but needed to use an extra one. I ended up letting them use my phone and taking the kids and one of the friends to the aunts house. The kids were so worried it was cute.

The bad – my grandpa cut his hand with a power saw. Right now he’s in surgery to see if they can save his fingers, the index, middle and ring fingers on his left hand. The good news is it’s his left hand, the bad news is even if they can save them he may wont be able to bend the index finger at the first joint as they’ll have to put a pin in. This is my only grandpa now and he is the same one who battled prostrate cancer last year.

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I put the long weekend to good use and rewatched this entire season of Lost.  I am so ready for Thursday!  Just as awesome the second time around

  • Ben pulling the shotgun out of the piano bench
  • Ben beating the guys up in the desert
  • seeing Claire in the cabin
  • watching Hurley and Ben share a candy bar
  • when Sayid sees Nadia, I got goosebumps I swear
  • Sun telling her Dad she bought a controlling share in his company and know he will respect her

why are they operating on jack at night? I don’t care how many lights they have it’s not as bright as day light?  wtf?

So what’s your theory?  how is gonna die?

oh and just cuz I have shown this one before.

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