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Your patriotic duty

My love of Stephen Colbert is long documented and this week he talked about one of my favorite subjects 😉

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Inspired by Turtlegirl I tried my hand at swiffer covers last night. There were some unintended consequences.

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I just have one question for ya

Are you ready?

an oldie but a goodie

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Nice! The move is complete! Now I just have to unpack! I had no idea I had so much freaking stuff! Dang. Plus I know I sold, threw away or gave away a LOT. I have way too much craft stuff. Really, it wont fit into the Stash (yarn room). It’s ridiculous! I’m hoping I’ll use up some of it, but in the mean time I have to find a place for it all, it’s slow going. Some areas are looking nice.

Others, not so much. 😉


There has been no time for knitting. Since distracting you with a video worked so well last time…. Look! Over there! It’s a hottie! 😉

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Banana Silk

Banana Silk 02Today is another snow day, which would be great, except I have things I need to do! I was planning to get my key for the apartment and take a load in the car, but it will depend on the roads conditions later. I’m supposed to be moving tomrrow, so this crappy weather needs to be gone when I wake up tomrrow morning! As my friend Jenn would – chop chop!

Can I just say how awesome Lost is! Seriously! This season is rocking my socks!

On to the Pr0n! All I know is that it’s banana silk, I have no idea what the brand or yardage is. ooops. I also have no idea what I’ll knit with it, any suggestions?

Banana Silk 03

Banana Silk 01

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Wow! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, whatever “it” is, I knew I’d lost “it” when I spelled my name wrong over the phone and gave someone a phone number that I haven’t had for years! 🙂 Luckily things are getting better. Just waiting on the appraisal for the house then we close on the 29th. I’m looking at 2 more apartments tomorrow then I’ll pick one. So packing and moving, but that’s not too bad.

Clapotis Two 01This weekend I created an etsy store for the wine charms, I thought more people would see them that way. Hurray! I’ll be so glad when they are all gone!

I’m still knitting away on the Central Park Non Hoodie and I’m almost done with the front halves, then on to the sleeves! Hopefully I’ll get lots done this weekend!

Clapotis 2.1 is progressing nicely. I’m using KnitPicks Elegance and it’s so soft! It will be a beautiful wrap when it’s done!

Neither projects make good pictures right now so… Look! Over there! It’s a cute doggie! 😉

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Your mama dresses you funny

IMG_0097It was gorgeous out yesteday, in the70s, I got to wear flip flops and knit outside while the boys played in the yard! It was a very productive day.

I resigned a contract with the Realtor. Lots of people have looked at the house, but no offers, I guess with the market and the time of year that’s normal. Luckily as much as I want to be rid of it, I don’t have to sell it this moment, so it’s ok. Not great, but ok.

I finished the Chicabean scarf and started working out a matching hat. I hope to have time to get the scarf blocked this week and have pictures up this week.


The boy also got baths and a hair cut. When I groom them at home, I always cut their ears shorter than the groomer does, it keeps them out of their food and water. But it also makes them look like they have a bowl haircut from their mom. Which makes me laugh and them annoyed. Simon spent most of the rest of the day proving his toughness, dorky haircut or not he’s still a bad ass. Oscar ignored me and pouted then demanded to be on my lap when I tried to knit.

Here’s a video I took of Simon putting the smack down on his octopus. It’s pretty violent 🙂

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