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I finally finished Wicked! Now if I were a monogamous knitter or knit as fast as some other people, this would have been done ages ago! I’m very happy with how it turned out although I’m not sure I’m make anything with all that stockinette again, holy moly! that’s a lot of mindless knitting. Though in all fairness I frogged back at least 3 times for more than a couple of inches, so that didn’t help. But I do have a sweater I’ll definitely wear so it was worth it. The last two balls of ArtYarns Supermerino were from a different dye lot but I don’t think it’s that noticeable as it starts two rounds before the seed stitching.

I couldn’t get a picture where I was not making a stupid face so I just cut off my head !



  • Cast on Jan 23rd or around there.
  • Pattern : Wicked from Zephyr Style
  • Yarn : Artyarns Supermerino
  • Needles : KnitPicks Options
  • Cast On : Jan 23rdish
  • Weaving In – technically not done, and this week is f’ing crazy so no idea when it will be blocked.
  • Knit until joining under the arms at which point I decided it was too big, and started completely over. Also frogged back 5 inches after realizing I didn’t like my decreases. It seems like this took forever, but I really wasn’t working on it all the time.

As a side note, I ordered this yarn from Sarah’s Yarns and was very happy with the customer service. When I ordered my two additional skeins the wrong color was accidently sent. No big deal, it happens, Sarah was so nice and friendly to work with getting the situation fixed! She sent out the correct yarn with a SASE to return the wrong color. I definitely recommend her.

On the other hand I ordered my yarn for the Fitted Knits KAL from somewhere else. I was sent a completely wrong yarn, when I called the customer service department and said nicely that there was a problem with my order, the person had a poor attitude, very much “what do you want”. It got only slightly better when she realized they had completely screwed up. To get my correct yarn they told me they could either charge me for the yarn again and mail it out or they would wait until I returned the wrong yarn and send the correct yarn. Plus they were very clear they would only refund the cost of parcel post. Um, that is the slowest possible way to ship stuff which means I will be waiting every longer to get the correct yarn. Nice, I love it when companies show you they appreciate your business by treating you like shit while fixing their screw up. Needless to say despite the rather large sale they announced today I wont be ordering from them again. For me customer service counts I don’t care how cheap your stuff is, and I mean it (just ask Walmart when the last time I graced their doors)

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IMG_6162Remember when I mentioned the changes I’m making and the New and Improved Me? Well apparently mental rearranging requires physical rearranging for me. Two weekends ago I completely rearranged my living room, last week my office and this week the dining room area. Now my house is old and set up kinda of weird. Off what was the original dining room area is a small add-on, I’ve always thought there should be a comfy chair there were I can sit and read and knit, but the layout just made it really hard. Well I think I’ve got it figured out. Part of it is, I just have too much “stuff” and some of my “stuff” is just too big for this area. So I removed quite a bit of “stuff” and viola! Of course all of that “stuff” is now in the basement and waiting to be arranged and put away. Oh well I’ll do that another day.



I’m very happy with the area, it’s well lit, it looks over my back yard and trees, I have no neighbors in back or on the side so I see nothing but yard and trees! Plus getting rid of some of the “stuff” that was just filler made way for some stuff I really like having around. Yarn! My radio is right there so I can listen to music or audio books if I want and I’m surrounded by yarn without cluttering up my living room. I’m quite pleased!

IMG_6171You can’t call it cheatin’… if you’re just swatchin’! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I finally decided on Cotton Fleece as a sub for the Dollar n Half Cardigan. I went to the LYS thinking I’d got with a brown because I really liked the one pictured, but when I saw the Pine Green on sale, I couldn’t pass it up! It’s gorgeous and on sale!

But I have sworn to finish Wicked first and I will. I had to rip back again. I had made a small mistake in the decreases, I thought I wouldn’t notice or care but after reading about a similar experience on another blog and the person said they never wore the sweater I realized I had to rip back. I’m almost back to were I was. If you haven’t been following along this is the 3rd time I’ve been this far on this sweater, the first time I realized it was way too big for me and completely started over. Thank goodness for top down knitting!

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IMG_6035I am tired of winter and I declare it over! From now on I’ll be wearing flip flops and tank tops, never mind that it snowed yesterday.

Warning this is a long ass post because it’s catch up time.

Friday night I went to happy hour with my coworkers. It was a great time unfortunately I had one too many (I think everyone did and I was one of the first people to leave!) so most of Saturday was spent feeling like ass and berating myself for overindulging.

IMG_6083In keeping in line with my new “winter is so over” mantra, Friday, I brought all of my summer shoes upstairs and started cleaning them, I finished yesterday. I think I have a problem. I was kind of unaware of it for a lot of reasons that I wont bore you with. Just trust me on this. The picture on the left is some, that’s right some, of the shoes I brought up stairs.

There are more in this picture

And a few more in this picture

Oh and don’t forget the ones by the front door. Never mind the 5 pairs scattered around the house not pictured that I can think of off the top of my head. Now in my defense, most of these came from Payless or Target.

This is the pile I weeded to go to Good Will or get thrown. They are either falling apart, the souls are too worn or have always hurt my feet.


IMG_6098Also because feeling like ass does not lend it’s self to very exciting activity but I got bored sitting around, I frogged. I had several old WIPs sitting around that were waiting for the frog pond so I got the winder out and got to it.

Yarn clockwise starting in the upper right – Klaus Koch Kollection, the label is not in English so I’m not sure what the content is, heck, I’m even sure of the language. Some more Klaus Kock. Elanna Sonnata in a dark green, this yarn never photographs well. The peachy colored stuff is Berrocco Cotton Twist I’m thinking I’ll use this to make Sizzle. I looked through books and online for ideas for the other stuff, I probably have enough for something like a tank in each of them, so suggestions are welcome!


Last but not least I am working away on Wicked round two. I ended up going down two pattern sizes and when I tried it on it was happy. Right now I’m just knitting away, not too exciting.

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IMG_5929All day Friday I fought off a headache, but by about 9 pm it was clear I’d lost, I was sick. Despite a heavy dose of cold medicine that I wont mention by name (but lets just say it’s the so you can sleep medicine) I was still sick yesterday, ick and I’m not feeling great today but my mom is coming down so we can go shopping and I’m not gonna let a little thing like a throat full of razor blades keep me from bargains! 🙂

Between naps and watching it snow yesterday I re-cast on for Wicked. I’m determined to finish it in time to wear it this year! I’m trying a little project monogamy, we’ll see how that works. I’m itching to make a pair of socks.

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Oh Joy of joys! Work is canceled today, well for me anyway. We’re having a snow storm and there was freezing rain and sleet during the night. When my alarm when off at 5 I thought – no way am I going in before 8 (I usually go in at 7) I’m waiting until daylight and the roads have been cleared. I went back to sleep and got up at 6. The first phone call came about 6:30, the library wouldn’t open till 10. So I sat, drank coffee, watched it snow and knitted away on Wicked. The second call came at 8, the library would open at 2 with a skeleton crew and because my position doesn’t man a desk today I dont’ have to go in at all! Wooohooo! A free day! I am so happy! 🙂

I want to work on Wicked most of the day, but, BUT! I think Wicked might be too big. Please ignore frizzy bedhead and pasty white skin. When trying it on I keep having to pull it down to keep the neck from slipping way up and well I’m thinking I’m gonna run out of yarn before I get to the end, I just started with my second to last ball. I did gauge I swear! I had to go up a needle, size, I’m thinking that might be the problem. I think the, er, chest area fits ok, so I’m worried going down a size or needle size will affect that. Ok I just checked gauge and I’m getting 20 st x 30 rows vs the 18 st x 26 rows. I really like the sweater, but I think I need to face facts and frog, what do you think? Do I go down a size in the pattern or go down a size on the needles? I don’t have my notes when I did gauge with the 7s but I’m pretty sure it a lot smaller, I tend to be a tight knitter.

Edited to Add – Correction as both Julie McC and Turtlegirl pointed out I would need to go UP a needle size not down to get gauge. Sorry I blame not having enough coffee and, well, panic. 🙂 I used 8s, so I’d have to go up to 9s

Also I am using the Artyarn Supermerino


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I meant to share these pictures with you last week and forgot. They are from the ice storm we had two weekends ago. Remember the hissy fit “Winter Sucks” post? Yeah, I often channel my inner two year old. I miss warmer weather, not necessarily summer. But frankly I don’t think I look that great in sweaters, I’m tired of being cold and I miss flip-flops a lot, being able to wear my hair up without worrying that my ears will freeze off. You get the idea.

This ice storm trapped me in the house for 3 days. IMG_5502


Yep, I cast on for wicked. LLP is shelved for the moment. I think I’ll have more confidence once I complete Wicked, so I am planning to go back to it. Either that or I’ll have to find a new project for the yarn, because I do love it. I love the yarn for Wicked and I’m really happy with the color I picked. It’s coming along nicely.


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This week’s yarn pr0n is Artyarns Supermerino in SM223 : Almost Solid Greens. It’s for Wicked, one of the current project of the Sexy Knitters Club. I’m planning to make the short-sleeve version without a pocket. I ordered it from Sarah’s Yarns, they were offering a discount on the Supermerino to members of the SKC, I don’t know if they still are. The women I spoke with on the phone was so friendly and helpful! I definitely recommend them!

I had a hard time picking a color, there are so many great ones available. I’m really happy with the Almost Solid Greens, I can’t wait to start knitting with it.

Of course I’ll get to use my new ball winder and swift to wind it!


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