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IMG_0625WiP it Wednesday! Whoot Whoot! Just trying to liven things up around here. The WiPs aren’t very exciting but I thought if I get you WiPed into a frenzy before we start you might not notice. 🙂

First up Mom’s hat. Not very exciting 2×2 ribbing in Bernat Natural Blends Cashmere, same as the mittens.

A baby hat in Bernat Comfort. Technically this isn’t Christmas knitting. But I snuck it in, it’s a small knit.



Soon to be a WiP, my dad asked for a neck wrap for Christmas. I’m not sure what you call it, sort of like a Mobius ring but without the twist? I’m thinking I’ll pick a simple but Manly pattern from a pattern book. Oh and I can’t wait to work with this! He’s one of the few people on the list that doesn’t think wool is itchy so this is Frog Tree Alpaca in fingering weight. Yum!

Another WiP to be, a simple striped hat for a friend.


Christmas WiPs not pictured : A scarf for my Grandma and The Simple Log Cabin Throw for my niece. Then I’ll be done with acrylic for awhile! wooohooo!

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Whoot Whoot! It’s time for another installment of WiP it Wednesday! Grab a cup of coffee, get situated next to your friends and get ready to point and judge! I’ll be confessing what I have been working on, what I’ve been neglecting and what new things I’ve started that I shouldn’t have. Somehow this always feels like that dream where I’m in school and I realize I’m naked and everyone is laughing. 🙂

My creationOk let’s just get the things I haven’t been working on out of the way

  • Tree Jacket – on hiatus until after the Xmas knitting is done, I’m not happy about this, but it had to be done.
  • Lace Tank – hibernating, frankly I think I deserve points for even admitting I’m still working on it.
  • Picovoli – hibernating, ditto
  • Hemlock Ring Blanket – on hiatus until after the Christmas knitting
  • Melon Pattern Scarf – hiatus, same as above
  • Simple Log Cabin Throw – I am still working on this and will have it done for Christmas.


I did finish the Chicabean Scarf and started on the matching hat. I’m really happy with how the hat is coming out, I think I’ve got the decreases all figured out. Oh and there have been some inquiries about the pattern, it’s based on a stitch pattern the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns , so even though I’ve adapted it for the hat I don’t think I’m allowed to write a pattern for it.

IMG_0159My mom asked for a hat and mittens in a neutral color to wear with all the knit scarves she has. So as much as I wanted to spice them up with cables or patterns I kept them really simple. I’m almost finished with the mittens. I’m considering trying to line them. Has anyone done this? Suggestions? Thoughts?

Christmas knitting to be started

  • Scarf for Grandma – commissioned by my mom
  • Hat for Grandpa – commissioned by my mom
  • Dishcloths for a friend – commissioned
  • Dad’s neck warmer
  • Moms Hat
  • Simple Log Cabin Throw

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But it’s time for another installment of WiP it Wednesday! In case you’re not familiar with this game, the idea is that I show how much progress I’ve made on my WiPs since I last showed them to you, and confess the new ones I’ve started and which ones I’m neglecting. Mostly it involves shame for me and pointing and laughing and whispering behind hands for you! 🙂


Let’s get the new project I’ve cast on for out of the way first – My So Called Scarf! Isn’t it like mandatory that if you’re a knitter you buy Manos and make this? When I was browsing Ravelry for what to do with my skein of Manos in Prairie this is all I saw. Er, yeah you’re right, that’s not Prairie, that’s the new Manos I bought yesterday specifically for this scarf, I bought two skeins and I’m alternating every two rows with them because I saw so many people say their two halves didn’t match exactly.


Up next another scarf, the Chicabean Scarf, I’m so pleased with the cables and lace pattern on this. It’s Cascade 220 so it will be a warm scarf even with the lacy holes I’m also planning to adapt the pattern for a hat. I’ll let you know how it works but I don’t think I’ll have any problems I’ve already worked out the decreases in my head.


Tree Jacket is coming along nicely. I’m getting ready to switch to stockinette on the first sleeve. I’m happy I decided to use the lace pattern on the arms, I like how it looks. I’m knitting it in the round, so there is lots of turning of the body! wow! You’ll notice I haven’t bound off the body yet, I want it to be long but I wanted to be sure I had enough yarn for the arms, so I’ll finish it after the arms are finished.


I’m also still working away on the Melon Pattern Scarf , it’s lace so it’s slow going but my love for it has not diminished. Love the silk, love the colors, love the pattern. Initially I wasn’t going to add the border to it, but now I’m thinking I will.

Not pictured, because I’m still working on them but haven’t touched since the last time we played this game:

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IMG_9215 (2)Here we are for another installment of WiP it Wednesday where I publicly admit the new projects I’ve started (I have a serious case of startitis I want to start at least 2 more but I’ve been restraining myself) and show the projects I’ve been neglecting. See where the shame comes in? For me at least, for you guys it’s good you can point and judge and whisper among yourselves.

Up first the Melon Pattern Scarf from Victorian Lace today. I love this, I love the pattern and I love the yarn, it’s like they were made for each other. I know variegated yarn is frowned on for lace but I like it. I’m not planning to put the edge on it just block lightly and go!


Next the Hemlock Ring Blanket I haven’t picked this up in a week. Not for lack of love, I definitely love it. But it’s not portable and I’ve got a couple of other big projects I’m trying to finish and I’m a bit distracted so I can’t focus enough to work this pattern.

Here we have the Simple Log Cabin Throw that I snuck in without even putting it on my side bar. 🙂 I have two nieces, one will get the throw I showed you last week, one will get this one for Christmas. I’m about half way done with this.



I’m still working on The Chicabean Scarf, but no new pics because I know the recipient reads the blog so it needs to be sort of a surprise. She did pick the yarn so she knows she’s getting something. I love the pattern I’m using for this one, and I’m planning to adapt it to a matching hat. They’ll be Christmas gifts too. Then that’s the end of my Christmas knitting unless I do something small.


The Pinwheel Blanket also intended as a gift. My mom said the best baby blanket she got was circular so I found a pattern for one.

Not pictured:

  • The Lace Tank – it’s hibernating. It’s hard to focus on a lace top when the weather is cooler and I’m itching to knit sweaters.
  • Picovoli – Not really hibernating I just haven’t been working on it but I will.

I’m itching to start:


Oh and one last wip, which really barely qualifies. I have one ball of manos and little bit left over from my mittens, I was thinking a scarf, so I started The One Row Scarf, but I’m not feeling the love. Any suggestions?

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My creationhmmm, should we bet on how long it will take me to run out of Devo lyrics for WiP it Wednesdays?

Top Left – Minimalist Cardigan , I’m working the on the last sleeve! I am so close to being done, I just haven’t had much knitting time. I have to say I”m not looking forward to the seaming, I’ve never seamed anything before and I’m worried it wont go well and what would be a nice sweater will look awful because of the seaming.

Top Right – The Chicabean Scarf, its for my sister, she picked out the yarn herself last year and I had a hell of a time deciding on a pattern for it. I finally did. I know you can’t see it well in the picture but it’s a sort of a surprise, not the scarf or the yarn, but the FO. So you just get a peak.

Middle Left My Picovoli , I haven’t done much with this one either. I think it will be my travel knitting this weekend. Yep I’m going out of town, but don’t worry Yarn Pr0n Friday will still post and I have a few other things, but I wont be responding to comments until I get back.

Middle Right – I haven’t touched the Simple Throw. It’s too hot for an acrylic blanket on my lap right now and I keep telling myself there is plenty of time until Christmas!

Bottom Left – The Lace Tank is still on hold because I’m still using to my Size 6 needles for the Mini Cardi. But I’m almost done with that and I’m itching to finish this one so hopefully I’ll get it done so I can wear it a few times before it gets too cold for it.

Bottom Right – That’s the yarn I thought was going to be the Tangled Yoke Cardigan but I decided I don’t want another cardigan right now so it’s be reassigned to Salina. I swatched and it will be my next project.

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IMG_8166Here we have another installment of the sporadic (on my part) WiP it Wednesday. I think the idea is to shame you into finishing projects so you’re not showing the same picture every Wednesday for 6 months. Of course you could not show the picture and deny you’re working on anything. But really if you’re at the point, lying to you fellow knitters, well, I think it’s intervention time.

First up the Mini Cardi that we’ve heard so much about lately. I’m done with the arm hole shaping and working my way up. Like it? Want one of your very own? Join the KAL 🙂 Yeah Yeah I know it’s August and hot as hell and you can’t even think of wearing wool. I cast on for this on Sunday, so it’s shame free.


The Simple Throw is still on the needles, it’s too hot to have a big acyclic blanket on my lab, luckily it’s a Christmas gift so there is no hurry. The desire to not have heat stroke over rides all shame on this one.


The Lace Tank , well it’s sort of on hold because I only have one set of size 6 tips for my KnitPicks options and I took them to use in the Mini Cardi. Yes I realize with the weather and what not I should focusing on this because it’s something I can actually wear. ha ha ha. I am the Queen of Denial. If I knit for Fall, Fall will come. Right? RIGHT?!?! 😉 ok fine slight shame.


Along those same lines we have Clapotis , in which I come very late to the party. Let’s call it fashionably late, shall we? No need for even more shame. This is going to warm and lovely when done. I’m only worried it will shed on my clothes, I envision wearing it over a black top, so every little strand will show. *le sigh* I’m happy with my yarn choice (Andean Silk from KnitPicks) but a little worried I wont have enough yarn to make it as long as I’d like. How much does this stretch when blocked?


Barely started, can it really even be called a WiP? The Feather and Fan Scarf from Fashionable Projects for the New Knitter in Cascade 220

And here comes the unavoidable shame part. I still have not finished the straps for Mentionable . I should be wearing this gorgeous top. It seems ridiculous that this isn’t done jsut because of the straps. I’m going to go by Joanns to see if I can find something suitable to sew on for straps. Any suggestions?


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Yesterday was my first day off from the Library in over two weeks. Tonight I have to work at the winery but it was so nice yesterday to know I didn’t have to get up and go to work this morning. Working that many days in a row was starting to mess with my head, I couldn’t keep straight what day of the week it was. Anyway, on to the WIPs!

First up my new project the Lace Tank from the Summer issue of Vogue Knitting. Unblocked lace not much to look at, I know. But there’s the start of it, I cast on this morning.

IMG_7290Next up the Check Board Throw I’m making for my niece, for Christmas. It’s coming along nicely I just need to run to Hobby Lobby for more yarn. I don’t think that actually breaks any knit from the stash rules.

The Drop Stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits, done except for blocking which I will get to this week. I really like this top, but it seems, well, heavy. I guess that would be the Pima Tencel.


Mentionable is just awaiting a visit from my mom so she can help me mark where to put the straps, she’ll be here tomorrow. So I need to hurry up and decide on the stitch pattern I’ll use for them. I’m thinking seed stitch on the smaller needles I used for the top. BTW it’s almost impossible to get a decent self pic of this yarn. When it’s completely done I’ll have to recruit someone to take pics for me.


Scarf w/edging 21 & insertion 25 pg 100 is coming along nicely. I do love the Victorian Lace Today but it would have been nice if they’d come up with some more interesting names for the patterns.

Happy Knitting and have a great Fourth, I’m back to the knitting chair to listen to Harry Potter and knit away.

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