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The Cat is Out of the Bag

IMG_7031There has been a lot going on behind the scenes that I’ve been keeping from y’all. But decisions have been made, announcements were made and now I’m sharing. I applied, interviewed and was offered a job in Kansas City. Not that exciting for some of you living in much cooler locales. But for me it’s still close to my family, which is important, and a much bigger city than I’m living in now. Plus, local yarn shops, live music, you get the idea. But I didn’t take the position. While I was doing that things were happening at the library where I work now. I know I don’t talk much about my job much so I wont bore you with the details, but I’m being transfered into a new position. It was a very hard choice to give up a job in a much better city. But I’m very excited about the new position, it’s going to offer new challenges and new opportunities.

Of course this means I’ll be staying here, which I’m not thrilled about. So I thought long and hard about what I need to do to make me happier, which led to the decision to sell the house and when that happens I’ll be moving to Columbia. For those of you not familiar with where I am, a larger city about 30 minutes away, so my commute time to work will be longer. But there will be more to do, and 2 local yarn shops!  Anyway just wanted to share some information that I’m excited about.  As I said yesterday I hope the house will sell soon!  I start my new position in two weeks, and I can’t wait!

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IMG_7020I totally missed World Wide Knit in Public Day. Oh I was aware of it, but I did not leave my house. I was to exhausted, my feet hurt, my legs hurt, my ass and my shoulder hurt from where I fell, and my hands were swollen and cramped. Then I went to work. So no knitting in public for me. I know ya’ll are wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I’m talking about the fact that 30 year old misanthropes who have never waitressed before should probably not. Don’t get me wrong I like the second job, if I have to have one (and I do) this is the one to have. But the truth is that even though I’ve gotten somewhat back into shape and I’m not afraid of hard work (hello I grew up on a farm I’ve hauled firewood, put in fence etc), I am not 16 or even 25. No I’m not falling apart, but since my day job for the last 8 or so years and been sitting on my ass in front of one computer or another and my hobbies include sitting on my ass waving two sticks around a bit of string or reading, uh, I am not necessary a fine physical specimen. The winery is a big place and there are steps and a lot of people and if we are busy I run (or rather briskly walk) non stop all night. The truth is that I don’t like people, not most people, not really. I just don’t. Plus, I think anyone who shows up to a place packed wall to wall and thinks is ok to expect their waitress to stand there while they finish chatting is an asshole, also sitting at the same table all night when I could have had 5 other groups sitting there and only tipping 15% – asshole. Because my impulse to tell this people how rude and ridiculous they are I spend all night bitting my tongue and trying to not letting it show on my face how much I despise their pretension, their innate belief that they are better than me. This means this job is work. I am exhausted when I’ve worked all night. But I still like it, sometimes I like it better than my day job. But this is the reason I was not knitting in public yesterday I was recuperating to go back to work last night.

Also for some reason starting sometime Friday evening and lasting through almost the whole day yesterday Nate’s cell phone (or probably his network) flipped out and was randomly resending all the text messages he’d sent me recently. There were a lot. And there was no consideration for sleeping. I finally had to just ignore the phone altogether. It was unbelievably annoying. I love technology and texting but here is a prime example of how technology can turn on you and bite you on the ass. At 5 am.

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This is gonna be one of those update posting. Life is not peachy and I have not felt much like doing anything including blogging or anything blog worthy.

Life in general – I think it’s safe to say that the sun or the moon or mercury or whatever is not on my side this month. First creepy guy and all associated drama, then I have to admit that I do not have the funds to travel to see my favorite band, then I realize my car tags expired in April and they do not make it easy to renew them here so I am jumping through hoops and other small mishaps and inconveniences.

Work – things at the day job are suck-tacular right now. Good news is I still enjoy working at the winery despite the craziness. For example last Saturday for some reason two different customers, bother younger men decided is was acceptable to come up behind me and massage my shoulders. Um no. No touching the waitress, it doesn’t matter how stressed she may or may not look. No touching!

Books – I’m reading Water for Elephants for the book club. It’s ok but not one of my favs. I haven’t finished the The Memory Keeper’s Daughter because it’s an audio book and that would require that ability to focus enough to sit and listen to it.

Knitting – yes I still knit! I’ve been slowly working on Mentionable, slowly because of lack of time and inability to focus on anything for very long. The yarn and the pattern are lovely. Mostly just thinking about knitting and yarn and what I’d like to knit.

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Justifiable Homicide

pop, chomp, slurp, smack, snap! Ok now imagine 8 hours of that. That is what my day today is going to be like. I’m in training for the day learning xhtml. The woman sitting next to me is the most enthusiastic gum chewer I have ever been around.  It’s all I can do not to turn to her hold out my hand and say “spit it out”! She sat next to me two classes ago and by the end of the day I was hanging on by the tiniest thread. I may strangle myself with my mouse cord before the day is over. How can people like this not know they sound like a cow chewing cud? Annoying, obnoxious and gross.

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I couldn’t. Could I?

ipodvision mAs a self reward for having to work an second job I’ve decided to put a little extra money away each week specifically for an mp3 player. Ever since I decided this I can’t stop looking at them! Here’s the problem, I’ve been lusting for one for forever and I have read lots and I know the Vision M is probably a better choice than the iPod for a lot of reasons including price, Apple file types are not compatible with a lot of other things. BUT iPod has so many more accessories! I feel like such a sellout for considering it, but the accessories! What’s a girl to do!

On and since we haven’t talked about my boobs like a week 🙂 – I saw this on Katydid Knits and just had to know!

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Scharlett Johansson

Who’s Your Celebrity Boob Twin?

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Rose of SharonIt’s been a busy week! Tuesday night was my Sit and Knit. This is the one I host at the local library as part of my job, and let me tell ya, it’s work! There are some very nice, very cool people who come, which is what I was hoping for. But, there is one woman who has been there every time who completely dominates conversation. She interrupts, talks over and is just plain rude to other people. I think something is going to have to be done, but I’m not sure what. I’m worried that other people will leave the group because of her, in fact I suspect some people have! Since it’s my job to host it I’m going to have to figure out something though and I’m not looking forward to it. To top it all off, the other night as I was listening to her talk about something I thought – she’s lying. So I started to look at why I thought that and I’m pretty sure she is. So not only is she hogging all conversation, she’s lying to do it. I’m still knitting away on Wicked when I get time hopefully I’ll have finished pics soon!

Last night was another library program, so I was at work from 7 am to 10 pm! And I work this weekend, no rest for the weary!

Some good news for me and maybe bad news for you (less blog posts, but maybe some good stories) I got a second job at a local winery and I start next week. I’m pretty happy about it, since we don’t have a local yarn shop this is my first choice for a second job.

spotted onYarn Crawl

Your Inner European is French!

Smart and sophisticated.
You have the best of everything – at least, *you* think so.

Who’s Your Inner European?

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Negotiations are under way

IMG_5332For six years now I have got up 5 (or more) days a week, got ready and went to work, while these bums lay about the house all day. I’m tired of it. Negotiations are under way, they will get jobs and I will say home and knit. Stay tuned for more details!

Speaking of the work place, and this is probably more than anyone wants to know – in our new building the ladies room has two stalls, and in one them is some sort of elavated seat. I’m assuming it was installed from someone how had difficulty bending and/or standing and I’m ok with that. The problem is I’m afraid to use it. My feet don’t really touch the floor when I’m, eh, sitting (and I’m not short by the way!).  I’m constantly worried I will somehow topple off the seat, break a leg and be forced to lay in a puddle of my own urine until a fellow staff member finds me, which could be hours. Don’t laugh, you know if anyone would do this, it would be me. This is starting to cause some problems with coworkers because if the short stall is full I wait and recieve quizical looks when that person exits the stall, as if asking what are you waiting for there is another stall?  I think people are stalking to talk, you know about my weird bathroom behavior and that is not the sort of rumors you want going around about you at work!  I’ve considered explaining my fear of the tall seat, but I’m pretty sure that would lead to more and mostly definitely weird rumors.  *sigh*   Maybe I’ll start walking across the street to use the restroom in the other buildying. Of course that may start rumors too….

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