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swiffer coverI have two small FO that really are weeks old. I almost forgot about them, hard to believe since the first one appeared in this video. After seeing Turtle Girl blog about these a couple of weeks ago, I whipped up my own. The problem – I don’t actually have anywhere to use it, the apartment is carpeted other than the kitchen. I’ll be sending this off to my mom for review. Oh and yes that’s crochet, I do know a bit. 🙂

You Don't know Our Women Hat for him

Second, a You Don’t Know Our Women Hat for Him. Puv’s bday was in July and he lives in the cold Colorado mountains so I used doubled stranded Cascade 220 and my favorite hat pattern to whip this up for him.

I’m headed to Denver later this week and I need to decide what knitting to take on the plane. I’m “this close” to finishing Juno Regina so that may go but I’ll need something for the return trip. Off to look at my Raverly queue!

happy knitting!

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The concert on Wednesday was great. It was so nice to be out and doing something different. I even got spotted by one of my Ravelry friends, she didn’t say anything to me when she saw me but sent me a message later. Very cool, it’s like I’m famous. Or is that infamous? 😉

I was lucky enough to get Thursday night off so I’ve had some time to work on knitting. I started the Hemlock Ring Blanket, and also a started the Melon Pattern lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today and I’m itching to start another scarf with the yarn I showcased yesterday, probably the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. I guess I have startitis.


You Don’t Know Our Women Hat

Ok the pattern is written and up! This is my first time writing a pattern so please let me know if there are any suggestions or corrections. I do really love this hat and I can’t wait for it to cool off enough for me to wear it. As with any variegated yarn the pool is always and issued. I ripped the ribbing twice before saying f’ it, the top will pool differently anyway. Add it to your Ravelry queue here

I’ll put putting a patterns section in the sidebar with a link to this and maybe eventually more patterns.

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IMG_9179I’ve had one skein of chunky Malabrigo since I went to KC in April. I knew it would probably be a scarf or a hat, since there was only 104 yards of it. But I hadn’t found anything I like. I knew I wanted cables. So with some figuring I came out with simple pattern that would show off the yarn and look great. I knit most of it while watching 300, so in honor of the movie I named in the “You Don’t Know Our Women Hat” If you haven’t seen the movie it’s full of badassness, lots of near naked men kicking butt and the women, while not a big part of the movie, are given their due. They are at war and the King is talking to his enemy and they have this exchange

IMG_9178Xerxes: Consider the fate of your women.
Spartan King Leonidas: Clearly you don’t know our women! I might as well have marched them up here judging by what I’ve seen.

Granted no one in the movie would would wear a knitted hat as they are too busy running about half dressed and being bad ass. But if they were in danger of freezing to death and HAD to wear a hat, this would be it. It’s plenty bad ass.

When I watch TV alone I like to add my own narration, for example – Official Narrator : Only the hard and strong may call themselves Spartans. Me : and apparently only the very hot. Followed by giggles because I think I’m hilarious.

I did take notes at I knit this so if anyone wants one of their very own let me know and I’ll type them up.

My creation

PS I know I have a lots of email to answer and blog posts to read, I’m trying to catch up, so if I haven’t answered an email I will I promise!

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