You know what makes me sad? The are only 4 photos in my 2009 WiPs set on Flickr. FOUR photos and I haven’t finished one project! In all fairness the first half of this year was insane! However, I’m taking some steps to taking by my time, including saying no sometimes. I’ve been working on the Seeded Cables Cardigan since January according to Ravelry. Not sure when I’ll actually get to wear it down here, but I know it will love it. The back and right front are done, I’m almost done with the left front. So close! I will finish it by the end of August!

Seeded Cables Cardigan


Ok I’m not sure how back and please don’t lick me to check on the flavor.  I’ve been playing with the idea of blogging again for a while.  I freaking miss it and I miss all my knitting and blogging peeps! When I surrendered to the overload in January I had my day job, was teaching a class at the university and was prepping to teach some workshops. There just was no spare time.  But all that’s over and I took a new job and I moved to Georgia! Georgia! I’ve been here about 2 months and its seems like a good time to reclaim my life.  I still don’t have a lot of time to knit so I’m not sure how much of that you’ll see.

So what have I been up to?  Let’s see.

The new apartment has super low window sills so Simon can keep watching for invading hordes really easily.
Simon keeps watch over his kingdom

Fretting about Oscar – we had to change his meds again and he goes in for a check up next week to see if the new dosage is working. Cross fingers and toes please.

Chilling at the pool – only in the early morning or late evening I’m far too pale for most of the day.

At the pool

Meeting local knitters
Knit in Public Day

I went to Chicago for a conference
The Bean

Checking out local attractions – Butterfly gardens! hurray endless photo possibilities

Speaking of photos – I got a new camera! I finally made the leap to an SLR. I’ve signed up for classes at the university but wont start till September. In the meantime I’ll probably be shooting mostly in auto mode.
2009_01 202

Hi all I thought I’d share a couple of updates with you.  

As of last week Oscar is responding to his medication and we wont have to go back for a check up for 3 months!  He seems happy and healthy and is completely thrilled to be getting a scoop of soft dog food each morning, as is Simon.  Even he’s not getitng a pill there is no way I could give some to Oscar and not to him, mostly because I’m pretty sure he would hurt me while I sleep 😉

We’d like to thank everyone for everything you’ve done – donations, thoughts and prayers.

In other news – I’m moving! I’ve accepted a new job and I’ll be moving to Georgia in a couple of weeks. Nope not Atlanta, but close!



Oscar update

Oscar’s been on his meds for a couple of weeks now, we went back in for a check up last week and so far so good.  We go back in 2 weeks and depending on those test results may have to up his meds.  I’m hope against that as it may mean dealing with symptoms he doesn’t have right now.

He’s thrilled to get a spoonful of canned dog food in the morning (with his pill) and he seems to be feeling just fine, tonight he compley destroyed a new toy! I gave it to him, went in the other room, came back out 10 min later and there was stuffing everywhere and the little monkey was no more! 😉

Thank you again!

Oscar says thank you

Oscar and I want to thank everyone who donated or bought something. We’re are so grateful for all the amazing people we know. Every time I get another email saying someone has donated, I get teary. I love my baby so much, thank you everyone.
Oscar says thanks

I give up

Its time to accept that I can’t keep up with this blog.  At least not at this point in my life.  I’m still knittnig and you can see me over on Ravelry. I’m hoping to be there a bit more now that I acknowledge I cant keep up with blogging.  Hopefully some day I’ll have more time.  Meanwhile I’ll check in on all of you as often as I can.

If you don’t know who I am on Rav leae a comment and I’ll send you the info.  If you’rae not on Rav and want to keep in touch, leave a comment or emai and I can tell you where else you can find me

Dad’s Watchman Cap

oh man! I have so much to catch up on. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, if I did they would be the same things I tell myself I need to work on all year long, eat better, drink less, exercise more, be a kinder person, have more patience, you get the idea.  How about you? Do you make resolutions?

Let’s start with the back log Christmas gifts!

Watchman cap

Watchman capThis went to my Dad, he loves real wool hats and I am happy to knit them for him, so I think he’s gotten one every year since I started knitting. I used the Berroco Peruvia I had left over from Tree Jacket

  • Pattern:  The Marsan Watchcap
  • Cast on: ???
  • Weaving in: ???
  • Needles: size 7
  • Yarn: Peruvia from Berroco
  • Modifications – none, other than I knit more rows than the pattern called for my dad likes his hats long .