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hmmmm! I’m dreaming of knitting with something scrumptious. The Christmas knitting drags on and I’m dreaming of knitting with wool or alpaca again. I don’t actually have a project planned with this, but it’s lovely to look at and dream about. KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud.



I got a new camera last week and the weather hasn’t cooperated so that I can play with it much. I’m hoping to have pics of the Malabrigo and Manos Emily sent me for the next two YPF. But it’s the time of year again, not many daylight hours and often dreary. Luckily I took pictures of almost all of my stash with the old camera this summer when the weather and lighting were wonderful! TGIF!

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IMG_0625WiP it Wednesday! Whoot Whoot! Just trying to liven things up around here. The WiPs aren’t very exciting but I thought if I get you WiPed into a frenzy before we start you might not notice. 🙂

First up Mom’s hat. Not very exciting 2×2 ribbing in Bernat Natural Blends Cashmere, same as the mittens.

A baby hat in Bernat Comfort. Technically this isn’t Christmas knitting. But I snuck it in, it’s a small knit.



Soon to be a WiP, my dad asked for a neck wrap for Christmas. I’m not sure what you call it, sort of like a Mobius ring but without the twist? I’m thinking I’ll pick a simple but Manly pattern from a pattern book. Oh and I can’t wait to work with this! He’s one of the few people on the list that doesn’t think wool is itchy so this is Frog Tree Alpaca in fingering weight. Yum!

Another WiP to be, a simple striped hat for a friend.


Christmas WiPs not pictured : A scarf for my Grandma and The Simple Log Cabin Throw for my niece. Then I’ll be done with acrylic for awhile! wooohooo!

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