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I think its gonna get froggedAfter languishing in my wip pile during the heat of Georgia summer and fall I finally picked the Seed Stitch Card back up.  Everything is done except the button bands and collar.  But I think its gonna get frogged.

At first I thought the problem was the yarn I subbed, the pattern calls for Pear Tree 8 ply 107 yards = 50 grams, I used Frog Tree Merino Melange 101 yds = 50 grams.

But no I think I either should have made a size smaller or that I would like it better with a lighter weight yarn (its dense) or its just the pattern. Thoughts?

Its too bulky/loose under the arms

I think its gonna get frogged

Its tragic really because it is a beautiful sweater and those cables are lovely.

I think its gonna get frogged

the yarn is beautiufl

I think its gonna get frogged
and I managed to successfully modify it for long sleeves

I think its gonna get frogged

I think part of the problem might be how much I still love my central park non-hoodie, in fact if this gets frogged that’s what the yarn will be.

Hoodless Central Park Hoodie 05

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You know what makes me sad? The are only 4 photos in my 2009 WiPs set on Flickr. FOUR photos and I haven’t finished one project! In all fairness the first half of this year was insane! However, I’m taking some steps to taking by my time, including saying no sometimes. I’ve been working on the Seeded Cables Cardigan since January according to Ravelry. Not sure when I’ll actually get to wear it down here, but I know it will love it. The back and right front are done, I’m almost done with the left front. So close! I will finish it by the end of August!

Seeded Cables Cardigan

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swiffer coverI have two small FO that really are weeks old. I almost forgot about them, hard to believe since the first one appeared in this video. After seeing Turtle Girl blog about these a couple of weeks ago, I whipped up my own. The problem – I don’t actually have anywhere to use it, the apartment is carpeted other than the kitchen. I’ll be sending this off to my mom for review. Oh and yes that’s crochet, I do know a bit. 🙂

You Don't know Our Women Hat for him

Second, a You Don’t Know Our Women Hat for Him. Puv’s bday was in July and he lives in the cold Colorado mountains so I used doubled stranded Cascade 220 and my favorite hat pattern to whip this up for him.

I’m headed to Denver later this week and I need to decide what knitting to take on the plane. I’m “this close” to finishing Juno Regina so that may go but I’ll need something for the return trip. Off to look at my Raverly queue!

happy knitting!

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I have to say I’ve been going to the gym regularly for the last month, except for the gap last week caused by the blisters and I haven’t lost a fricking pound!  Although I did notice this morning when I was riding my bike to the coffee shop that it felt less like I was gonna die 🙂

I saw The Happening this weekend, M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie, and just to add to the creepiness I was the ONLY person in the theater!  I really thought they should have come out and handed me a giant remote so I could turn the temperature up and pause it when I had to run to the Ladies room.  No such thing happened though. I did love the movie!

But something even scarier happened yesterday, I layed out my Dollar and a Half cardi to measure and noticed something. Do you see it?

What's wrong with this picture?

The bottom 3 sets of cables seem to have more space, like and extra 2 rows in them.  Now I know I’ve been following the same pattern. Did my guage tighten?  Later when I get home and find the patience I’ll actually count rows.  grrrrr!

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Well I gave up today and marked everything in my bloglines account read. So what have I been doing since I haven’t been blogging or reading blogs? Well, let’s see, going to the gym, I joined about a month ago, knitting, working too much, playing a new video game, going to the farmer’s market and just enjoying the nice weather. Some how I’ve got to find a balance, I’m getting better. But not great cuz I took these pictures for a WiP it Wednesday post and well it’s Thursday night as I write this. hmmmmm

First up the Gossamer Stars Scarf from the new Interweave Knits. I’ve had this Handmaiden lace silk since last April. It looks beautiful in this pattern. I did go down a needle size so it will be slightly smaller.

Gossamer Stars Scarf

The Off The Shoulder Tank from Vogue Knitting, I’m using Berroco cotton Twist that I’ve had in my stash for years. It’s gonna be a bit heavy but I think it will be ok.

Off the Shoulder Tank

Last up, the Dollar and a Half Cardigan, modified. This is the back. I wont be doing any vertical stripes, they are not flattering. I love the lace pattern so I just did some calculations and added cables to the back.

Dollar & a Half Cardigan modified

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Mitt EnvyI have an FO! whoot whoot! Surely that means the Return of the Mojo. Yes I meant to capitalize it, I mean it IS mojo people and it’s back, baby. Yes I called you baby I’m running around here like a basketball player who just scored the winning 3 point shot at the buzzer when we were behind by 2 to win by 1. If we were in a locker room I’d smack you on the butt!

Did that work? Cuz I”m not very sporty, but dang I feel good! LOL

May I present Mitty Envy. I picked up this yarn at one of my LYS when I was searching for yarn for the Surf Hoodie (still waiting on the needles). I HAD to have it. So yummy brown and blue. Of course I don’t knit socks but has that ever stopped me from buying yarn before? Hell no!

Mitt Envy

As I was searching Ravelry for something to make with this (I seriously LOVE ravelry) I came across Mitt Envy. whoo these babies are already in my queue because I read Weeza’s blog because she’s awesome. Sweet. It’s like they were made for each other! This pattern is fabulous this yarn is fabulous. Yarn meet pattern, pattern meet yarn.

Mitt Envy

Now that I know I can make mitts and gloves with sock yarn I’m so excited! Guess what everybody is getting for Xmas? These are staying with me cuz I loves them. 😉

Mitt Envy

Oh and I had to include this picture because look. I took a picture of my hands where they don’t look like man hands! They look a nice and lady like go me. and my hands 😉


  • Pattern: Mitt Envy
  • Cast on: May 7th
  • Weaving in: May 10th
  • Needles: size 1 dpns
  • Yarn: Claudia Handpainted fingering weight
  • Modifications – I added one extra repeat of the pattern after separating the thumbs

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Gretel 03You know how sometimes you just want a fast knit, but still something with a little flair? Something with sass? Met Gretel. I’ve had this pattern forever (which is good because I think 5 corrections have been emailed out while I put off knitting it). I love this hat. Admittedly the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk is probably a little heavy for the pattern, but I like the results. It’s incredibly soft and warm, but not tight enough to mess up my hair.

I played with the pattern and the decreases a bit to get the fit I wanted. I couldn’t be happier with it. This is going in my suitcase for Europe! Although this yarn is a bit heavy for a the hat I love it. I originally ordered it for a Clapotis but it didn’t fit so I have plenty left, I think I’ll make a “You don’t know our women hat” out of it some time this year.

  • Pattern: Gretel
  • Cast on: March 20th
  • Weaving in: March 24th
  • Needles: Bryspun size 5 & 7 circs, bamboo dpn 7s
  • Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk
  • Modifications – I played a bit with the size and decreases.

Gretel 02

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