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Chicabeans ClapotisI finally finished Chicabean’s Clapotis, she asked for one after seeing mine last year. She wanted something neutral that she can wear over dresses so I chose grey. I used KnitPicks Elegance (alpaca and silk) so it would be a bit finer and thiner. It has all the elegance and grace that is Clapotis. It looks great, it’s warm and soft and I think it’s the perfect length and width for what she wants to use it for. I hope she thinks so too. I sent it off to her on Monday. Perfect timing since her birthday is this week. Happy Birthday Chicabean! She turns 30!

What can I say about Clapotis that hasn’t already been said?

Chicabean's Clapotis


I’m pretty sure this wont be my last Clapotis!

Chicabean's Clapotis

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Lace CapI’d like to report that so far the Yarn Diet has been a success. I know, it’s only been a week, but hey ever little victory counts! I took the extra money and joined a gym. I even got a personal trainer and I’m meeting with him later this morning. Let’s just say it’s a love/hate thing πŸ˜‰

Before the diet started I’d ordered the Lace Sampler and Cotton Samplers from KnitPicks. The cotton one came with some one skien patterns, this is the only one I liked. It was a fast easy night. I have both One Skein books so I know I’ll find something for the others.

Lace Cap

This cotton lace cap is perfect for those Saturday mornings where I over sleep a bit and have to hurry to the farmer’s market before all the good stuff is gone, so I don’t have time to do my hair. πŸ™‚

Lace Cap

  • Pattern: Lace Cap from KnitPicks (sorry no linky luv I can’t find it online)
  • Cast on: May 24th
  • Weaving in: May 25th
  • Needles: size 7 circs & dpns
  • Yarn: KnitPicks Comfy – I hadn’t used this yarn before, but it was really soft and reminded me of Cascade Pima Tencel.
  • Modifications – I only did 2 rows of stockinette before starting the lace pattern.

Lace Cap

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I had some of the Claudia Handpainted yarn leftover from Mitt Envy and it was so beautiful I had to do something with it. I looked for a headband pattern that I liked and couldn’t find one so I gave up and did a simple garter stitch. It probably shows off the colors the best anyway. πŸ™‚ I love it! My hair is growing out and not quite long enough to pull it all back without some escaping so it will get used a lot. I’m sure I’ll be making more as it’s a great use of a left over yarn. Expect to see lace ones!

I owe you guys a couple of book reviews. I listened to The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory while traveling in Europe. I really liked the book and I definitely recommend it. I haven’t seen the movie, but I don’t know how they fit everything in to it, there is so much going on in the book.Β  If you haven’t seen the movie previews, it’s about Henry the VIII, Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary. Despite knowing how it would it for Anne, I was very engaged by the story. I’m definitely gong to be be reading The Boleyn Inheritance

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Mitt EnvyI have an FO! whoot whoot! Surely that means the Return of the Mojo. Yes I meant to capitalize it, I mean it IS mojo people and it’s back, baby. Yes I called you baby I’m running around here like a basketball player who just scored the winning 3 point shot at the buzzer when we were behind by 2 to win by 1. If we were in a locker room I’d smack you on the butt!

Did that work? Cuz I”m not very sporty, but dang I feel good! LOL

May I present Mitty Envy. I picked up this yarn at one of my LYS when I was searching for yarn for the Surf Hoodie (still waiting on the needles). I HAD to have it. So yummy brown and blue. Of course I don’t knit socks but has that ever stopped me from buying yarn before? Hell no!

Mitt Envy

As I was searching Ravelry for something to make with this (I seriously LOVE ravelry) I came across Mitt Envy. whoo these babies are already in my queue because I read Weeza’s blog because she’s awesome. Sweet. It’s like they were made for each other! This pattern is fabulous this yarn is fabulous. Yarn meet pattern, pattern meet yarn.

Mitt Envy

Now that I know I can make mitts and gloves with sock yarn I’m so excited! Guess what everybody is getting for Xmas? These are staying with me cuz I loves them. πŸ˜‰

Mitt Envy

Oh and I had to include this picture because look. I took a picture of my hands where they don’t look like man hands! They look a nice and lady like go me. and my hands πŸ˜‰


  • Pattern: Mitt Envy
  • Cast on: May 7th
  • Weaving in: May 10th
  • Needles: size 1 dpns
  • Yarn: Claudia Handpainted fingering weight
  • Modifications – I added one extra repeat of the pattern after separating the thumbs

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So, the Tuscany Shawl, when I was trying to decide what knits to take with me I remember this one from No Sheep For You and I just had to make it. I cast on for it in the Airport.
The Beginning of the Tuscany Shawl

worked on it while in England

Tuscany Shawl 01

During my siestas in Cinque Terre


Waiting for the train

Knitting the Tuscany Shawl at the Train Station

On the train

Knitting on the train

Finished it in Rome.

Tuscany Shawl Blocking

Tuscany Shawl 02

The pattern was easy to memorize and the shawl is beauiful. But. You knew there was a but didn’t you? I’d never knit a triangle shawl before because I suspected I wouldn’t like it. I was right. It doesn’t cover my arms enough and it makes my but look big. I want a shawl to be warm and snuggley and it might be if it were bigger. I’m not sure even how to wear it.

None of this is the fault of the shawl. Really, it’s not you, it’s me. I knew I wouldn’t like a triangle shawl so why did I knit one?

Any suggestions on how to wear it so I’ll actually wear it? It is beautiful!

Tuscany Shawl 03+

I blocked it by misting it with water, will wet blocking make it bigger? maybe I’ll like it more if it were bigger.

Tuscany Shawl 04

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Gretel 03You know how sometimes you just want a fast knit, but still something with a little flair? Something with sass? Met Gretel. I’ve had this pattern forever (which is good because I think 5 corrections have been emailed out while I put off knitting it). I love this hat. Admittedly the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk is probably a little heavy for the pattern, but I like the results. It’s incredibly soft and warm, but not tight enough to mess up my hair.

I played with the pattern and the decreases a bit to get the fit I wanted. I couldn’t be happier with it. This is going in my suitcase for Europe! Although this yarn is a bit heavy for a the hat I love it. I originally ordered it for a Clapotis but it didn’t fit so I have plenty left, I think I’ll make a “You don’t know our women hat” out of it some time this year.

  • Pattern: Gretel
  • Cast on: March 20th
  • Weaving in: March 24th
  • Needles: Bryspun size 5 & 7 circs, bamboo dpn 7s
  • Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk
  • Modifications – I played a bit with the size and decreases.

Gretel 02

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Hoodless Central Park Hoodie 03Ta da! You know how when you start a project you have in your mind this idea of what it will look like when completed? The fit will be fabulous, it will be a classic look that you’ll want to wear all the time, basically it will be perfect. Those were my dreams when I started the Central Park Non Hoodie. As it got close to the end I fretted over my seaming, I’d only seamed one thing and I wasn’t that happy with it. I fretted over the fit, should I have added some shaping? I fretted over the collar.

I’m pleased to say all that fretting was for nothing! It’s perfect! I love it.

It fits perfectly! I’m damn proud of those seams! It took forever and I consulted no less than 3 different books before I did them. There was some unseaming when thing didn’t look right, but it was all worth it! The collar! I love it took! It makes this perfect to wear to work and for running errands. I’m not much of a hoodie girl so it’s fabulous!

Hoodless Central Park Hoodie 04

Some people thought the sleeves were too long, I like my sleeve to come down over my hands a bit plus they are easily rolled back so I think they are perfect. I followed the pattern exactly except for the collar which was much easier than that I thought!

Err, I didn’t realized I’d missed a button at the photo shoot until it was too late, and I was too lazy to go back and re do it.

Hoodless Central Park Hoodie 05


  • Pattern: Central Park Hoodie
  • Cast on: January 2008
  • Weaving in: March 14, 2008
  • Needles: Knitpicks Options sizes 6 & 8
  • Yarn: Cascade 220
  • Modifications – none except swapping the hood for a collar. I knit the front bands first, then picked up the stitches for the collar. I was a little generous with picking them up because I knew I wanted the collar to fold over. My notes say I picked up 108 stitches, 10 from each band, knit the 10 on holders from the front, picked up 15 along the front necklines. I know the ribbing is knit 2 on both ends so I think that’s right.
  • This is hands down my favorite of all my knits! I love the cables, the design, the fit, the buttons I picked the collar, you name it! πŸ™‚

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