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Gerber Daisies


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The Bees Knees


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True Confessions

No idea?First I have no idea what kind of flower this is. It was on a vine in what appeared to be a vegetable garden. Any ideas?

Second, I finally got the nerve to face the Modified 1.50 Cardi.  I discovered the bottom 3 cable do indeed have 2 more rows in them.  Now I have been follwoing the pattern the whole time, BUT I had photocopied it, to make notes one for my modifications and that is where I was keeping track of the rows.  Well I lost it, yeah I have no idea where, I looked at home, at work nad in the car, it hasn’t been anywhere else.  So I made a new copy and went forward, I’m pretty sure this is when the change happened. Frick.  So what to do? Do I frog, lets face it that lace is gonna be a bitch to frog and pick back up, or do I move forward?

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