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Gerber Daisies

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I made it

Well I survived my 26 hours of travel.  It wasn’t too bad, I was a bit worried because I remembered not being able to sleep on my trip back from Italy and how awful that was.  I think maybe it was more because I was heart sick to leave place I loved so much.  I’m not saying it was great but it was tolerable.  I even got to see Wanted and the X-Files movie, both of which were on my want-to-watch list.  I arrived at 10:30 pm and by the time I got to my hotel and got settled it was after midnight on Saturday morning (which would be 10 am Friday at home).  I managed to sleep till 7 so I think I’m adjusting pretty well.

The first thing I did after eating breakfast was find out how to get to the train station and I hoped on the train and headed downtown (the guy that invited me seemed to think this was pretty amazing, but I thought nothing of it, I guess I’m used to being self-reliant and doing things on my own.


They were all so beautiful


And picture can’t do justice to the smell, it was amazing


These might be my favorite, I love orange/peach flowers


It’s hard to pick ones for the blog


I got a new camera before I left, I think it was worth it, although its hard to tell on my Mini



there are so many different shapes of orchids

there were other flowers too


water lilies


and hibiscus


That isn’t even all of them, you can see more here, if you’re inclined.

I also went to the Butterfly Garden on my first day but I think I’ll save those pictures for tomorrow.  😉

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