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IMG_1907This arrived in the mail over the Christmas break! It was a surprise from Emily over at Skyline Chilly, she was my upstream secret pal and she hasn’t stopped spoiling me! Ice Storm is the limited edition color from Lorna’s Laces over at Jimmy Bean’s Wool. Sorry guys it’s already sold out. Emily thought given my recent troubles that this was perfect for me. How awesome is that? Thank you Emily, you are the best not-so-secret-pal!

It’s Shepherd Worsted and I have two hanks, so 450 yards. I need suggestions guys, what pattern do you think it worthy of this yarn? I’m thinking there will be a prize for the suggester of the pattern I pick, so feel free to suggest as many as you like!


Isn’t it beautiful?


So squishy!



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It’s gonna be fine

Picture 163Ok wow! So much is happening. I did got back to they stylist and got my some taken off the bottom and bangs. Part of the reason I’m so unhappy with this is that I asked for 2 inches off the bottom and just trim up the rest and this is what I got. Not even close. I think I can live with it though.

In other news, I got power back last night! I was able to get back home and sleep in my own bed! Happiness! The buyers signed the counter offer! They have 7 days to get it inspected so potentially it could still not go through. But if it does I’ll have less than 2 weeks to move. Luckily I think I’ve already found a place. In the mean time I need to get the mess that is my yard cleaned up.

Picture 175

See this pole? It’s in my front yard. Electric wired connect to it from 3 different directions and all 3 were either partially or all the way down and the cable that goes to the ground was snapped. Yesterday when they came out to fix everything and disconnect the wires, it fell over. It had snapped off at the base, which you can see here. eeeek!

Here’s the little path I made for myself to the front door this morning. Someone is supposed to be coming tomorrow to get rid of all the limbs.  I have a weeks worth of knitting posts written up, so if you’re wonder if I still knit the answer is sort of.  I’m not sure I’ll have any time in the next couple of weeks, but I do have some things already prepared for you!  I don’t have internet at home yet, so I probably wont get caught up on my blog reading for awhile.

Picture 177

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Picture 106Wow I think I’m going to cover more topics in this one post than I normally do in a week!

First up – I am still in the hotel, the electric company told me this morning that it’s not safe for me to be going in and out of the house. I’ll be hitting Target this afternoon for a few necessities. They have no idea when the power will be back on. I haven’t heard from my realtor but I think it’s safe to assume at this point the sale of the house isn’t going to go through. No idea on the damage to my house etc until I can get back inside.

Picture 145The boys seem to be ok with hotel life. They get to be on the beds and they aren’t allowed to at home. I got them some toys and chewies and rigged a chair so Oscar can look out the window. This his favorite past time at home. He was so happy he let me take this picture. Usually he turns his head when I try to take pictures of him. 🙂 They aren’t barking and seem to just sleep all day which is what they do at home anyway 🙂

Picture 128

I’ve been picking up my mail at the post office everyday and yesterday this came! It’s Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace. As soon as I saw Juno Regina I knew I had to knit it. It seemed like fate since my upstream pal in the latest Secret Pal was Emily (she works at Lorna’s Laces, I’ll give you a moment to be alone with your envy) This is Cranberry and it’s stunning! I can’t wait to have time to knit with it!

Picture 160

In the middle of all of this I had a hair appointment Monday that I kept. It has been rescheduled twice already and given how things were going I figured it might be the only good thing for a while. Unfortunately I’m not happy with the cut. I love the color, she always does a great job. But I’d say almost every other time I don’t like the cut. She always cuts the top layer way to short. The over all length is ok, but the layers in general are way too short. I’ve spent the last two days feeling like I had “mom hair” I think I got it styled ok today, but I’m considering having her take another 1/2 inch off the bottom so I don’t feel like it’s so much longer than the top layers. Then I’m done with her. I’ll be getting my hair done somewhere else from now on.

Picture 113In knitting news! I finished a pair of Fetching. They’re not Christmas knitting, but when you’re tired and stressed out you want to knit what you want to knit. Tab asked me to make a pair for her and I said I would after Christmas. The yarn came on Saturday and was so scrumptious I started knitting them as soon as it was daylight on Sunday. More details tomorrow since I think today’s post is long enough. Here’s a peek.

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Thank you

Thank you to everyone for your comments, kind words, thoughts and prayers.  To the people around here who helped me and have been kind to me Thank you. Kindness is a wonderful thing.   We are supposed to get more ice tonight and tomorrow and I probably wont have power for more than a week.  Then the clean up begins.  No word on the offer on the house, but I’m not optimist at this point.  I took some more pictures this morning you can see them here.  I am safe and warm, and I know things could be worse, but I am not looking forward to what will come. 

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Ice Storm!

I was awaken at 5 am when the power went off in my house. There was thunder and lightening and freezing rain and I thought I could see a power line down. It wasn’t until day light that I realized how bad things were. Holy Frick! My house looks like a war zone! I had to abandon the place because the power wont back on today or tomorrow or any time soon. No power means no heat. It was scary to leave because there were power lines done across the front and back entrances.  Plus driving in bad weather totally freaks me out.  I made it to a hotel with the boys, we have free (but slow) wifi.  I have a small fridge and microwave so while the weather was ok I went to the grocery store and got some food. We’re supposed to get more freezing rain tomorrow and Tuesday.  Who knows when I’ll have power at the house again.  But for the moment me and the boys are safe and warm and I’ll deal with the insurance company, problems with selling and any other fall out when it happens.

Picture 035

Picture 046

Picture 052

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