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I think its gonna get froggedAfter languishing in my wip pile during the heat of Georgia summer and fall I finally picked the Seed Stitch Card back up.  Everything is done except the button bands and collar.  But I think its gonna get frogged.

At first I thought the problem was the yarn I subbed, the pattern calls for Pear Tree 8 ply 107 yards = 50 grams, I used Frog Tree Merino Melange 101 yds = 50 grams.

But no I think I either should have made a size smaller or that I would like it better with a lighter weight yarn (its dense) or its just the pattern. Thoughts?

Its too bulky/loose under the arms

I think its gonna get frogged

Its tragic really because it is a beautiful sweater and those cables are lovely.

I think its gonna get frogged

the yarn is beautiufl

I think its gonna get frogged
and I managed to successfully modify it for long sleeves

I think its gonna get frogged

I think part of the problem might be how much I still love my central park non-hoodie, in fact if this gets frogged that’s what the yarn will be.

Hoodless Central Park Hoodie 05


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You know what makes me sad? The are only 4 photos in my 2009 WiPs set on Flickr. FOUR photos and I haven’t finished one project! In all fairness the first half of this year was insane! However, I’m taking some steps to taking by my time, including saying no sometimes. I’ve been working on the Seeded Cables Cardigan since January according to Ravelry. Not sure when I’ll actually get to wear it down here, but I know it will love it. The back and right front are done, I’m almost done with the left front. So close! I will finish it by the end of August!

Seeded Cables Cardigan

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oh man! I have so much to catch up on. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, if I did they would be the same things I tell myself I need to work on all year long, eat better, drink less, exercise more, be a kinder person, have more patience, you get the idea.  How about you? Do you make resolutions?

Let’s start with the back log Christmas gifts!

Watchman cap

Watchman capThis went to my Dad, he loves real wool hats and I am happy to knit them for him, so I think he’s gotten one every year since I started knitting. I used the Berroco Peruvia I had left over from Tree Jacket

  • Pattern:  The Marsan Watchcap
  • Cast on: ???
  • Weaving in: ???
  • Needles: size 7
  • Yarn: Peruvia from Berroco
  • Modifications – none, other than I knit more rows than the pattern called for my dad likes his hats long .

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oh yeah, every Friday there will be Lost

and Yarn

I got a sampler from KnitPicks months ago, the colors are lovely.
Shadow Spring Green Heather

This is Shadow in Juniper Heather.  They will probably either be scarves or something from one of the One Skein books.

Shadow Spring Green Heather

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Day 2

I did a lot on the Second Day.  I visited the Central Market, full of local wares and handicrafts and Petaling Market, with knock offs of every name brand you can think of.  I didn’t buy a thing 😉

central market

I went to Batu Caves

Batu Caves

and climbed all 272 steps to the top

Long way to go

Once inside you go through the cave where you come out in this opening, very cool

Batu Caves

The view on the way back out

view from the top

I saw the Petronas Towers

Petronas tower

Went to the top of the Menara Tower

Menara Tower

I also walked all 6 floors of this huge mall and didn’t buy a thing

There are 6 floors in this mall, I walked them all

On the third day I worked in the morning, but in the afternoon I went back to the markets and shopped 😉


and I’ve done some knitting


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Yep I’m off again.  Thursday at 6 am my flight leaves for Kuala Lumpur.  I’ll be there for about a week for work.  I’m hoping I’ll have plenty of time for sight seeing and picture taking too, so expect new pictures.

In other news I’ve had some time to knit, but it’s that time of year again – super secret Christmas knitting, so no pictures, except sneaky ones.

Picture 212

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I woke up this morning to find an email from KnitPicks in my inbox.  I have to confess I’ve never really been interestd in color work, I apprecaite the complexity of it, but I haven’t had a lot of desire for the finished prodcut.  Until now.  Look at these bags!  Also I just noticed KnitPicks ad that  say “Yarn diet? What Yarn diet?” woooo they are evil!

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