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oh yeah, every Friday there will be Lost

and Yarn

I got a sampler from KnitPicks months ago, the colors are lovely.
Shadow Spring Green Heather

This is Shadow in Juniper Heather.  They will probably either be scarves or something from one of the One Skein books.

Shadow Spring Green Heather

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This video is a sneak peak at a Lost scene with Kate & Aaron so if you don’t wanna know skip it and head down to the yarn.

I bought this to make Jeannie.

Lace Merino

I have it sitting in a basket in my living room

Lace Merino

Sometimes, I can hear it calling my name.

Lace Merino

Wispering – knit me, you know you want to, knit me

Lace Merino

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 Gossamer Stars ScarfHow do you find a balance between work and the rest of your life? Especially when you love your job? It ain’t easy especially when you move to a new town, have a longer commute and join a gym. But you work on it, and I am.

I’m still working on my Gossamer Stars Scarf – it’s delicate and beautiful, but it doesn’t take that great of pictures. I love the combination of this yarn and pattern.

I’m SO close to finishing the Juno Regina Scarf, I’ve started the pattern for the end! I love this project! The yarn came to me by way of Skyline Chilly, my previous secret pal upstream partner.

Juno Regina

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Well I gave up today and marked everything in my bloglines account read. So what have I been doing since I haven’t been blogging or reading blogs? Well, let’s see, going to the gym, I joined about a month ago, knitting, working too much, playing a new video game, going to the farmer’s market and just enjoying the nice weather. Some how I’ve got to find a balance, I’m getting better. But not great cuz I took these pictures for a WiP it Wednesday post and well it’s Thursday night as I write this. hmmmmm

First up the Gossamer Stars Scarf from the new Interweave Knits. I’ve had this Handmaiden lace silk since last April. It looks beautiful in this pattern. I did go down a needle size so it will be slightly smaller.

Gossamer Stars Scarf

The Off The Shoulder Tank from Vogue Knitting, I’m using Berroco cotton Twist that I’ve had in my stash for years. It’s gonna be a bit heavy but I think it will be ok.

Off the Shoulder Tank

Last up, the Dollar and a Half Cardigan, modified. This is the back. I wont be doing any vertical stripes, they are not flattering. I love the lace pattern so I just did some calculations and added cables to the back.

Dollar & a Half Cardigan modified

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Lace CapI’d like to report that so far the Yarn Diet has been a success. I know, it’s only been a week, but hey ever little victory counts! I took the extra money and joined a gym. I even got a personal trainer and I’m meeting with him later this morning. Let’s just say it’s a love/hate thing 😉

Before the diet started I’d ordered the Lace Sampler and Cotton Samplers from KnitPicks. The cotton one came with some one skien patterns, this is the only one I liked. It was a fast easy night. I have both One Skein books so I know I’ll find something for the others.

Lace Cap

This cotton lace cap is perfect for those Saturday mornings where I over sleep a bit and have to hurry to the farmer’s market before all the good stuff is gone, so I don’t have time to do my hair. 🙂

Lace Cap

  • Pattern: Lace Cap from KnitPicks (sorry no linky luv I can’t find it online)
  • Cast on: May 24th
  • Weaving in: May 25th
  • Needles: size 7 circs & dpns
  • Yarn: KnitPicks Comfy – I hadn’t used this yarn before, but it was really soft and reminded me of Cascade Pima Tencel.
  • Modifications – I only did 2 rows of stockinette before starting the lace pattern.

Lace Cap

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Guys I have lost my knitting and blogging mojo. I don’t know what it is but since I’ve been back from Italy I have almost no desire to knit, blog, read knitting blogs, whatever. I feel bad about this. I’ve rounded up my WiPs to blog about them in an effort to get my mojo back.

But first! The contest! Contestant names were printed on strips of paper and put in a bowl. The knitting winners was Shannon & the non knitting winner was Jenster. Send me an email with your Snail mail addy and I’ll send off prizes soon. I think I’m gonna go to an out of town yarn shop to get prizes. Jenster – you too, for some reason Idon’t have your address.

Juno ReginaOn to the knitting! Ok seriously remember my yarn diet? uh yeah, I’m ashamed to say I’m not doing well. Granted I’ve curbed the impulse more often than not but there has been some yarn buying! I can’t help it! I seriously need someone to follow me around and kick me in the shins when I want to buy yarn.

On to the WiPs!

Juno Regina went to Italy with me and I knit on it quite a bit, but my focus was on Tuscany so I didn’t finish it. I’m getting close to the end though. Just need to actually work on it! 🙂 It’s beautiful and I know I’ll wear it a lot once it’s complete. The Lorna’s Laces is yummy! I can’t help but remember it arrived while I was staying in a hotel due to The Ice Storm From Hell and how happy it made me!

This is some secret knitting, it’s a gift.

Upside Down Daisy Hat

Melon Pattern Shawl

The Melon Pattern Scarf from Victorian Lace today. Remember it? From waaaaay back when. I love this yarn and the pattern and them together. So why haven’t I been working on it? I have no freaking idea. But I have picked it back up again. Originally I wasn’t going to add the border, but now I think I will, I have enough yarn and I’ve gained confidence in my lace knitting skills. So I’m changing the name from Melon Pattern Scarf to Melon Pattern Shawl. Hopefully it will be big enough to be called a shawl!

Recycled Silk Scarf

This isn’t really even a WiP, I picked up some recycled silk, did a simple knit-every-row-on-too-big-needles scarf and just need to weave in the ends.

Er, yes I bought it recently, yes I know I’m on a yarn diet. It was a sale and it’s black it will go with everything! Ok fine, you’re right I shouldn’t have bought the yarn.

Mitt Envy

Ah these, Mitty Envy from Weezalana. I bought this yarn because I loved the color and had no idea what to do with it, not being a sock knitter you know. Browsing my queue I came across Weeza’s pattern. Perfect they were made for each other. The pattern is great, but apparently I’m not. I’ve already frogged once and have to do so again because I can not read. I am a moron. I should be done with both mitts at this point. Maybe I deserve to have my mojo missing.

Mandarin petitNot a WiP but soon to be, this yarn will be the Apres Surf Hoodie from the new issues of Interweave Knits. I’m just waiting on the needles to get here.

I hope everyone else’s mojo is just fine. I’m off to try to get caught up on my blog reading!

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First off, wasn’t Lost freaking awesome last night! I can’t believe the season is almost over!

On the Italy Pr0n! I bought this in Lucca, I completely forgot to snap a picture of the shop, but we walked by it everyday. All the yarn was behind glass under the counter or in displays. I had to ask to see anything and since I only speak limited Italian and the gentleman helping me only spoke limited English it was a challenge. But what kind of knitter would I be if I let a little language barrier keep me from yarn! LOL This lace weight merino in a gorgeous ruby red color. I have two hanks about 1376 yards each. I think it will be the Cap Shawl or the Large rectangle in Spider Net or one of the other rectangle shawls from Victorian Lace Today

Cento Undici yarn

I finally started knitting again yesterday. I didn’t want to tell ya’ll this, but Italy stole my knitting mojo and I was starting to worry I’d never get it back! Seriously yesterday was the first time I even had the urge to knit.

Oh and I’ll be drawing a winner for the contest tomorrow !

Cento Undici yarn

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