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Da Monkeyheads

Still waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can get pictures of Juno Regina.  The new apartment doesn’t have a good place to take pictures.  blah.

peak a boo

Oscar playing peak-a-boo

While I was in Colorado The Boys stayed with my Mom & Dad.  Oscar loves to hide under covers and play, he’s so silly!

Today we went to the park.

rollin in something stinky

Oscar rolls in something stinky

I know it has to be stinky otherwise why would he be rolling in it?  I tried to stop him but he was too far away.

On the run

Simon on the run

They LOVE to run! And they are so cute and bouncy flouncy!

sniff sniff sniff

sniff, sniff, sniff

There are so many things to sniff in the park.

We was runnin'

break time

Don’t think this means it’s over, we’re just after some water.  Then back to playing!


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What's up?

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A Day in the Park

Me and the boys spent yesterday afternoon in the park. It was a beautiful but windy day! We walked and walked and walked. Oscar loves the park! He got to smell all kinds of exciting stuff, and pee everywhere. You can’t see but he’s filthy and got a bath as soon as we got home. When we’re out in public like this Oscar is too cool for his mama, he wont sit by me or anything. It’s almost impossible to get a picture that isn’t of his butt. 🙂


Mom, stop, you’re embarrassing me!

Simon on the other hand, enjoys walking for a bit, then demands to be carried. I tucked him in my bag and we kept going. He loves the park he just doesn’t want to have to work for it. When I sat down on a bench for a while and took him out of the bag, he tried to get back in! LOL I sat on a rock and he immediately jumped on my lap.


What, I’m independent, I jumped up here by myself didn’t I?

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OscarBecause we don’t really want to talk about how Oscar has taken to hiding under the bed sometimes. This is odd behavior, and I think, cat like. He started doing this before we moved so I have no idea what’s up.

Simon is a spoiled brat

Or how Simon is such a little lazy butt that he only will walk a block or so before demanding to be carried. Luckily Sunday I was prepared for just such an incident and had a backpack with me.

Or how now that I moved I have no where to take good finished knits pictures. I had it all figured out at the house, stacking varies pieces of porch furniture to achieve the right height and what backgrounds to use. I’m going to have to scout around the apartment and let’s face the neighbors will think I’m nuts.

Or how was I was soooo close to being done with the CPH, I realized I had seriously f’ed up on one of the front band and the collar and had to do some serious frogging. Or all the ends I’m going to have to weave in when it’s done.

Instead let’s talk about this. Seamed, collar started, just need to finish that, weave in the ends and get buttons!

So Close

er, we’re also not talk about bad this picture is, mmmmk? 😉

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Wow! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, whatever “it” is, I knew I’d lost “it” when I spelled my name wrong over the phone and gave someone a phone number that I haven’t had for years! 🙂 Luckily things are getting better. Just waiting on the appraisal for the house then we close on the 29th. I’m looking at 2 more apartments tomorrow then I’ll pick one. So packing and moving, but that’s not too bad.

Clapotis Two 01This weekend I created an etsy store for the wine charms, I thought more people would see them that way. Hurray! I’ll be so glad when they are all gone!

I’m still knitting away on the Central Park Non Hoodie and I’m almost done with the front halves, then on to the sleeves! Hopefully I’ll get lots done this weekend!

Clapotis 2.1 is progressing nicely. I’m using KnitPicks Elegance and it’s so soft! It will be a beautiful wrap when it’s done!

Neither projects make good pictures right now so… Look! Over there! It’s a cute doggie! 😉

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