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The *right* way to open a banana

who knew?

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Your patriotic duty

My love of Stephen Colbert is long documented and this week he talked about one of my favorite subjects 😉

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Inspired by Turtlegirl I tried my hand at swiffer covers last night. There were some unintended consequences.

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I put the long weekend to good use and rewatched this entire season of Lost.  I am so ready for Thursday!  Just as awesome the second time around

  • Ben pulling the shotgun out of the piano bench
  • Ben beating the guys up in the desert
  • seeing Claire in the cabin
  • watching Hurley and Ben share a candy bar
  • when Sayid sees Nadia, I got goosebumps I swear
  • Sun telling her Dad she bought a controlling share in his company and know he will respect her

why are they operating on jack at night? I don’t care how many lights they have it’s not as bright as day light?  wtf?

So what’s your theory?  how is gonna die?

oh and just cuz I have shown this one before.

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OMG !!!! Did ya’ll see Lost? For real people if you’re not on this bandwagon, GET ON IT. Season 4 is almost over and Season 5 wont start till next January so you’ve got time. Come on over to the dark side, we’ve got cookies!

Yeah, yeah I know some of you are here for the Pr0n. yummy! Claudia Handpainted. I just love me some blue and brown. These is already on it’s way to be being Mitty Envy.

Claudia Handpainted

Claudia Handpainted

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I just have one question for ya

Are you ready?

an oldie but a goodie

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Nice! The move is complete! Now I just have to unpack! I had no idea I had so much freaking stuff! Dang. Plus I know I sold, threw away or gave away a LOT. I have way too much craft stuff. Really, it wont fit into the Stash (yarn room). It’s ridiculous! I’m hoping I’ll use up some of it, but in the mean time I have to find a place for it all, it’s slow going. Some areas are looking nice.

Others, not so much. 😉


There has been no time for knitting. Since distracting you with a video worked so well last time…. Look! Over there! It’s a hottie! 😉

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